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Anime Profile: Doki Doki School Hours

USA Info
Japanese Info
Doki Doki School HoursSensei no OjikanDoki Doki School Hours
13 TV episodes13 TV episodes
November 8, 20052004
Tamami Momose
Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Akane βŠ• Akane βŠ•
· · ·
Iincho βŠ• Iincho βŠ•
· · ·
Kitigawa βŠ• Kitigawa βŠ•
· · ·
Kudo βŠ• Kudo βŠ•
· · ·
Matsumoto βŠ• Matsumoto βŠ•
· · ·
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Characters: Doki Doki School Hours

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akane βŠ• Akane βŠ• Mrs. Suzuki βŠ• Mrs. Suzuki βŠ•
Iincho βŠ• Iincho βŠ• Nakamura βŠ• Nakamura βŠ•
Kitigawa βŠ• Kitigawa βŠ• Seki βŠ• Seki βŠ•
Kudo βŠ• Kudo βŠ• Sutake βŠ• Sutake βŠ•
Matsumoto βŠ• Matsumoto βŠ• Tominaga βŠ• Tominaga βŠ•
Mika Suzuki βŠ• Mika Suzuki βŠ• Watabe βŠ• Watabe βŠ•
Mr. Suzuki βŠ• Mr. Suzuki βŠ•

Description: Doki Doki School Hours

Mika Suzuki is a teacher at Okitsa High School, but standing at 148 cm (4'10") in height, her students don't take her seriously. Her living with her parents at age 27 doesn't help either. She has a bubbly personality and suffers from chronic back pain. Her students are a mixture of kids. Kobayashi has a very short attention span, and is always harping about her weight (50 kg; 110 lbs.) Nakamura is nicknamed "old man" because not only does he look older than he is, he acts that way as well. Seki is the classical narcissist, who isn't above cross-dressing. Iincho wants to be class president because her favorite singer said he liked class presidents. Watabe aspires to be the world's greatest artist; he's the only member of the manga club. Kudo, a gay pervert, loves Suetake (but not vice versa) and has the title of "nosebleed king." Tominaga is in the cooking club, likes horror films and generally has to put guys in their place. Kitagawa has a thing for short women, and naturally, likes Mika. Suetake is the jock; he's in several sports clubs, but not really that bright.

They have the physical exam day at the school, and naturally, Kobayashi is worried about her weight. Naturally, after weighing herself, she gets very depressed. Mika has to take the exam as well, and finds out she's getting shorter. Later at the basketball championships, Mika is a backup referee. When the original ref does not show, Mika reveals she doesn't know the rules of basketball. A last-minute intervention by Mika's doting father saves the day. Kitagawa cheers for her. After watching volleyball, they watch the baseball game. Seki encourages the others to cheer by dressing up in a cheerleader's outfit and giving the girls pom-poms. Mika's class ends up winning.

On the first day of summer, Seki comes in dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl. Mika collapses in the summer heat, and they take her to the school nurse Matsumoto. Then they go out for swimming. The guys admire Matsumoto in her bikini; however, Mika only gets praises from Kitagawa. After getting into the pool, Mika passes out and has to be rescued. Kitagawa offers to give her artificial respiration, despite her being able to breathe on her own.

Next it's time to study for the exams. Here's where we find out Mika may not be very bright, as she encourages the kids not to be cunning instead of not cheating. Oddly enough, the only student that passed the exams was resident baka jock Suetake.

During summer break, Mika's dad takes her to a shopping arcade, where she meets all her students. He thinks Seki is a girl until Mika sets him straight; however, this doesn't sit too well with him. Then at the summer festival, Mika and her students meet up. Seki shows up in a yukata (a traditional Japanese female summer kimono.) To spot her in the crowd, her students tie a bunch of balloons to Mika. She ends up floating into the air. Kudo gets to hold Suetake's hand, and clueless Suetake doesn't think anything of it. They play a bunch of games as well. In the end, they watch a fireworks display.

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