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Anime Profile: Doomed Megalopolis

USA Info
Japanese Info
Doomed Megalopolis Teito Monogatari Doomed Megalopolis
4 OVA episodes 4 OVA episodes
1991 1988
ADV Films  
· · ·
Streamline Pictures  
  Kyusaku Shimamuna
  Rin Taro
Horror, Action, Drama Horror, Action, Drama
Harai Harai
· · ·
Kato Kato
· · ·
Keiko Keiko
· · ·
Masakato Masakato
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Doomed Megalopolis

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Harai Harai Tatsumiya Tatsumiya
Kato Kato Yukari Yukari
Keiko Keiko Yukiko Yukiko
Masakato Masakato    

Anime Description: Doomed Megalopolis

Mystic Kato has an obsession with conquering Tokyo, which awakens the fierce guardian of the city, Masakato. Kato devises an evil plan in which he uses an ordinary person as a tool to produce a spawn capable of taking on Masakato, but things go horribly wrong and chaotic when vigilantes step in and more spells are cast.

Note: This is a relatively violent, gory anime and not recommended for kids.

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