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BalmungBalmung (バルムンク)Balmung (.hack//sign)
Balmung of the Azure Sky
Blademaster, Decedant of FiannaBlademaster, Decedant of Fianna
"You really don't understand a thing, do you?"
Crispin FreemanNobuyuki Hiyama
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.hack//Legend of the Twilight.hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu

Character Description: Balmung

A player since "The Fragment", Balmung has been in every .hack story- even if he appeared only rarely. He is connected to everyone in one way or another. He's connected to Tsukasa through Subaru and to Kite (the main character of the .hack videogames) by personal interaction.

A hot-shot to the online denizens of CC-Corp's MMORPG, he and Orca of the Azure Sea defeated the "One Sin", a monster considered to be unstoppable by anyone. Still talked about on the message board, he doesn't like to hang around with very many people. His angel wings are larger than Subaru's, and this may be a sign of power. I don't really know if it is or not. In the bonus episode .hack//GIFT, he tells Crim that his wings were the reward for beating the "One Sin" event.

Because of his knowledge of the .hackers from the Twilight Incident, the appearance of Shugo and Rena four years later (in the Kite and Blackrose avatars, respectively) raises an alarm. Since CC had not been responsible for the supposed contest, the appearance of the avatars (and with them, the infamous Twilight Bracelet) meant that events were spiraling out of control in the World again, so he immediately begins to take an interest in the twins' exploits throughout .hack//Legend of the Twilight.

Character Description: Balmung

The story is set four years after the PS2 games which are at the heart of project .hack.

After she won two special edition character designs, Rena talks her twin brother, Shugo, into playing "the World" with her. They seemed to be normal players, with the exception of the strange bracelet given to Shugo by the Aura. But no...Twilight is drawing near once more.

Having battled in the hour of Twilight, Balmung has grown to love and respect "the World." This love has driven him to become a system administrator at CC Corp., something that he has come to somewhat regret. But he is the only administrator who really knows how to protect "the World."

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