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Mai MinaseMai Minase (水瀬瀬舞)Mai Minase (.hack//liminality)
14 years old14 years old
Dark BrownDark Brown
Appears about 5'5"Appears about 165 cm
"I simply said I liked the instrument."
Michelle Ruff

Character Description: Mai Minase

Mai Is a high school student and plays the violin. Mai and her boyfriend Tomonari both fainted while playing a game called "The World", but Mai regained consciousness soon after. Tomonari unfortunately fell into a coma.

Mai stayed out of school for a while, and the day she came back, a strange man approached her and asked her if she passed out at school; and if they were playing a game at the time. Mai hastily responds, "I don't know!" Later the strange man appears again and tells her the reason they passed out was "The World". He declares he is Junichiro Tokuoka.

After a lot of trying to figure what happened to "Sieg" (Tomonari's character in "The World") and a lot of detective work done by Mai, she discovers Tokuoka was the director of the Japanese version of "The World"; and they finally go to the G-Study (a gaming society at Mai's school) and go into "The World". Tokuoka passes out, but regains consciousness. Mai logs out when she hears the "Ahhh" sound (A in C minor), and is okay. They then begin their investigation of CC corp, and have only begun.

Character Description: Mai Minase

Mai is a normal teenage girl, until her and her boyfriend, Tomonari, fall comatose one day while playing The World. Amazingly, Mai quickly wakes up, but Tomonari doesn't.

When Mai finally goes back to school, she meets a strange middle aged man who smokes. Mr.Tokuoka is the only other person who thinks that The World is the reason that players everywhere are suddenly falling comatose.

After taking a while to trust him, they begin to become friends as they search for answers to the mystery with Yuki and Kyoko.

Character Description: Mai Minase

Mai Minase was introduced to "The World" by her boyfriend, Tomonari Kasumi, who plays as the popular "Sieg". They go to a very high-leveled field called Chosen Hopeless Nothingness, and after hearing a sound that only her sensitive ears can hear from inside the game, she and Tomonari fall into comas.

Only Mai recovers, and she is determined to find out how "The World" made them go comatose, and wake Tomonari up, so she joins forces with Tokuoka. She is a very good violinist, and her mom pushes her to do it for a living, even though she only wants to play it as a hobby.

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