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Character Profile: Morganna Mode Gone

USA Info
Japanese Info
Morganna Mode GoneMoruganna Mode Gone
"The Voice""The Voice"
· · ·
Vagrant AIVagrant AI
Female (in essence)Female (in essence)
White (with a teal-green tint)White (with a teal-green tint)
Yellow (right), Blueish-green (left)Yellow (right), Blueish-green (left)
Villain AIVillain AI
"I need you, just like you need me. As long as we walk together, I shall protect you.""I need you, just like you need me. As long as we walk together, I shall protect you."
Valerie AremRie Tanaka
· · ·
.hack//Legend of the Twilight.hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu

Character Description: Morganna Mode Gone

Morganna Mode Gone is definitely the most mysterious character in .hack//SIGN. She is not only the entity that provided Tsukasa with the "Guardian," but is also the reason that he cannot Log Out in the first place. Like Aura and Maha, her motives are unknown; however, unlike Aura and Maha, she appears only as a bodiless female voice.

Although Morganna seems to be a kind, motherly voice, she also constantly tells Tsukasa that "The World" is the only place for him, and that only pain and loneliness await him in reality. As is the case with Aura, Morganna seems both to comfort and terrorize Tsukasa; even though he doesn't trust her completely, he recognizes the fact that leaving and/or disobeying her might not be the best idea, either...

In the games, Morganna was data drained by Aura. So Morganna is now deleted, and "The World" was returned to normal by Aura.

Harald originally intended for Morganna to give birth (create and awaken) to Aura, raise Aura (by sending the phases out to collect data about emotions), then feed it to Aura (the ultimate AI), then kill Aura, who would then data drain Morganna and become compelete.

The phases would collect data on human emotions, as Harald intended, however Morganna altered them into invincle monsters.

  1. Skeith- the terror of death
  2. Innis- the mirage of deceit
  3. Magus- the progation
  4. Fidichell- the prophet
  5. Gorre- the machinator
  6. Maha- the temptress
  7. Tarvos- the Avenger
  8. Corbenik- the rebirth

They were based on creatures in the Epitaph of Twilight, which "The World" was based on. Harald called the beta version Fragment. The Epitaph of Twilight was written as an online poem by Emma Wielant, however the original version was unfinished and lost when Pluto's Kiss (a computer virus), crashed the entire internet. Of course, Emma was already dead (car wreck) and 77 minutes later the 'net was back online. This was where the Alimit OP comes in.

Harald did not give Morganna an view-able avatar, instead she was omnipotent and omnipresent, viewing everything in "The World". Thus, Morganna never makes a physical appearance, hence the reason there is no picture of her. Often times people confuse Morté, who appears in .hack//Legend of the Twilight, for Morganna.

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