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TsukasaTsukasaTsukasa (.hack//sign)
An Shouji (in the real world)An Shouji (in the real world)
Male (Tsukasa, in the World)Male (Tsukasa, in the World)
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Female (An Shouji, in the real world)Female (An Shouji, in the real world)
About 16-17 years oldAbout 16-17 years old
Silver (Tsukasa, in the World)Silver (Tsukasa, in the World)
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Brown (An Shouji, in the World)Brown (An Shouji, in the World)
WavemasterJuumontsukai (Spell-Caster)
"Can you please leave me alone?"
Brianne SiddallMitsuki Saiga

Character Description: Tsukasa

Tsukasa is the central character in the story of .hack//sign. Unlike other players, Tsukasa is unable to log out of The World. He is even unable to reset his computer. Tsukasa becomes stuck in The World and almost becomes a part of it himself - he has the ability to smell perfume and to feel pain. As a result of his ability to feel pain in particular, Tsukasa rarely fights. Rather, he chooses to avoid fights (and thus, most other characters as well). It takes a while for Tsukasa to trust other players. It takes him quite a lot of convincing to become friendly with Bear and Mimiru.

Despite Tsukasa's apparent weakness when it comes to pain and such, he has apparently received protection from a "Guardian". The Guardian is incredibly powerful and seems to appear whenever Tsukasa is threatened. Perhaps due to Tsukasa's own status in The World, his Guardian performs unusual damage to those that it attacks. Rather than simply having the player's character die, the player himself actually receives injury in the real world. Sometimes the injury is as light as a temporary headache or memory loss. But sometimes players in real life are actually knocked into a coma from being attacked in The World.

Tsukasa appears to have no memory of his past. The World seems to interfere with his personal emotions and memories. However, he appears to have a unique relationship with two characters; Maha (a "cat" player) and Aura (a white girl who's face cannot be identified). Maha usually appears when Tsukasa is near Aura. Aura floats above a bed and never talks to Tsukasa directly. When Tsukasa touches her, he has flashbacks from his past. He also experiences odd dreams/delusions about himself and Aura.

Character Description: Tsukasa

Tsukasa is the main character in the anime .hack//sign. Tsukasa is stuck in "The World", an online RPG where you can roleplay. He can't log out, leaving him stuck in an unknown world filled with surprises.

He meets a strange voice, who gives him powers, such as a guardian and being able to teleport from place to place.

Tsukasa is easy to spot out, he's a loner, and his manners are something he needs to work on.

On the outside of the world, Tsukasa is actually a girl, and is in a coma.

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