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USA Info
Japanese Info
26 TV episodes26 TV episodes
November 11, 2006 (Cartoon Network broadcast)April 5, 2006–Sept 27, 2006
Bandai Entertainment, The Ocean GroupBandai Visual/.hack Project/Bee Train
Project .hack
Koichi Mashimo
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-FiAdventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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Asta βŠ• Asta βŠ•
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Azure Kite βŠ• Azure Kite βŠ•
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B-Set βŠ• B-Set βŠ•
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English Title
Japanese Title
.hack//sign .hack//sign
.hack//liminality .hack//liminality
.hack//Legend of the Twilight .hack//Legend of the Twilight

Characters: .Hack//Roots

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Haseo Haseo Naobi βŠ• Naobi βŠ•
Shino Shino Nasubi βŠ• Nasubi βŠ•
Asta βŠ• Asta βŠ• Ovan βŠ• Ovan βŠ•
Azure Kite βŠ• Azure Kite βŠ• Phyllo βŠ• Phyllo βŠ•
B-Set βŠ• B-Set βŠ• Saburo βŠ• Saburo βŠ•
Cashmere βŠ• Cashmere βŠ• Sakisaka βŠ• Sakisaka βŠ•
Ender βŠ• Ender βŠ• Tabby βŠ• Tabby βŠ•
Gord βŠ• Gord βŠ• Taihaku βŠ• Taihaku βŠ•
IYOTEN βŠ• IYOTEN βŠ• Tawaraya βŠ• Tawaraya βŠ•
Kuhn βŠ• Kuhn βŠ• Wool βŠ• Wool βŠ•

Description: .Hack//Roots

.hack//Roots is a prequel to the .Hack//G.U. video games, and begins in the year 2015. The headquarters of CC Corp, the company responsible for the massive worldwide online game known as "The World," burns down, taking most of the data from the game along with it. One year later, CC Corp releases a new version of The World allowing a Guild and Player vs. Player play.

Roots focuses on Haseo, a first timer to The World. However, he immediately falls victim to the PK's of the game, until he is rescued by two members of the Twilight Brigade named Ovan and Shino. Joining the Brigade, they undertake a quest to find the Key of the Twilight, but they face opposition from the TaN Guild, who wants Ovan's character data.

After being tricked with a fake mission set by TaN, Ovan disappears causing the Twilight Brigade to break up. Things get even worse when other members wind up dead, and Shino is mysteriously unable to be contacted in the real world.

Description: .Hack//Roots

.hack Roots is actually a prequel to the upcoming .hack//G.U games. It takes place in the year 2017 with the newly redone "The World R:2". The story follows Haseo, who is an Adept Rouge, and The Twilight Brigade Guild as they search for the "Key to the Twilight". The reason for the new release is that the CC corp building burned in 2015 with all of The World's data in it. With the remaining data and by splicing what would be a new game, CC corp remade the World as The World R:2. It was the released in 2016.

After Haseo logs in for the first time, he is attacked by Player Killers but is then saved by the mysterious Ovan and Shino. Both are part of the guild the Twilight Brigade. They try to get Haseo to join, and for a while they fail.

The Twilight Brigade is after the Key to the Twilight. However, there is another guild called the TaN guild who opposes the Brigade. They are after Ovan's character data and to stop the Twilight Brigade from reaching their goal.

One of the Twilight Brigade's missions later is to find 6 virus cores before TaN does. I won't reveal any more after this.

Description: .Hack//Roots

This anime is the prequel to the video game .Hack//G.U. Haseo is the main character, and a newbie to The World R:2.

The World was renamed after CC Corp. building burnt down which resulted in most of the data of The World lost. PK (player killing) and guilds are new to The World R:2.

The plot starts out with Haseo, being new to the game at the time, gets PKed. Ovan, leader of the guild Twilight Brigade, resurrects Haseo. From then Haseo looks up to Ovan. Ovan and Shino try to get Haseo to join the guild. After a few episodes, Haseo does. The main purpose of the Twilight Brigade is to find the Twilight Key. Along with Haseo, Tabby is also a newbie and new to the guild. The cute looking raccoon player is an old man named Phyllo. Haseo and the other main characters look to him for advice all the time.

Haseo was the the player behind Sora, and he is one of the eight epitaph users - the eight mighty characters that have the power to control an epitaph Avatar:

phase 1: Haseo has Skeith
phase 2: Atoli has Innis
phase 3: Kuhn (used to be seig) has Magus
phase 4: Yata(used to be wiseman and Naobi) has Fidchell
Phase 5: SakuBo has Gorre
Phase 6: Endrance (used to be Elk) has Macha
Phase 7: Pi (used to be Ender) has Tarvos
phase 8: Ovan has Corbenik

Epitaph Avatars

Haseo uses his Avatar Skeith and defeats all the other Avatars, while getting revenge on Ovan (AKA Triegde) in the process!

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