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Character Profile: Android 16

USA Info
Japanese Info
Android 16 Jinzouningen Juuroku Gou Android 16 (Dragonball Z)
Android Android
Male Male
Red Red
Blue Blue
6'9" 206 cm
Dr. Gero's Android Dr. Gero's Android
Jeremy Inman Hikaru Midorikawa
Episode 134 Episode 134
Dragonball Z Dragonball Z

Character Description: Android 16

Android 16 is a android created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku but the doctor Gero didn't want to activate it thinking that this it would not be useful because he "loved" to the nature and from time to time it disobeyed him.

This android was activated by the androids 17 and 18. They killed Dr. Gero and decided to activate at it. Android 16 was never activated in the time of Future Trunks.

Android 16 didn't want to fight with the warring Z fighters because it was programmed to kill to only Goku and not them, but when Cell appeared, 16's intent changed to help its siblings cut the monster's tail. But Cell's tail regenerates thanks to the Piccoro cells, and Cell absorbs Android 17. Android 16 then becomes intent to protect Android 18, but failed.

Android 16 gets destroyed, all except its head. The head then rotates asks Mr. Satan to throw it where Cell and Gohan are. Mr. Satan obeys, but Cell squashes the head destroying it completely. This act was what caused the anger of Gohan to increase to the point that he transforms in Super Saiyajin 2.

Andriod 16 didn't appear in the series again because it could no longer be repaired and when not possessing a soul to be a robot they could not revive him with the Dragon Balls.

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