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Character Profile: Burter

USA Info
Japanese Info
Burter Bahta Burter (Dragon Ball Z)
Alien Alien
Male Male
None None
Red Red
9'2" About 279 cm
Dead Dead
Don Brown(Ocean dub) Yukimasa Kishino(DBZ)
· · ·
Mark Britten(FUNimation, originally) Masaya Onosaka(DBZ Kai)
· · ·
Christopher Robin Sabat(FUNimation remastered and video games)  
· · ·
Vic Mignogna(FUNimation DBZ Kai, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2)  
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z

Character Description: Burter

The largest member of the Ginyu Tokusentai, Burter was a towering blue-skinned, reptilian humanoid with solid red eyes and a segmented crest of scales on his head. He possessed incredible speed, able to move faster than the speed of light, a talent which earned him the nickname "Blue Hurricane."

His super-speed came in handy when Vegeta attempted to ditch a Dragonball by hurling it into the horizon. Burter simply jetted after the ball, grabbed it, and returned to his teammates before anyone could blink. Later, after Goku felled Rikuum in one blow, Burter joined Jees in an all-out attack on Goku, but nothing they threw at him had any effect. Eventually, Goku decided the time for fooling around was over, and knocked Burter cold with two hits. After Jees fled, the blue giant was killed when Vegeta flew in and stomped on his neck, crushing it.

Character Description: Burter

The fastest and largest member of the Ginyu Force, Burter probably lasted the least battle-wise out of all five members. After Goku beat Rikuum with one hit, Burter and Ginyu member Jeice tried to double-team Goku. However, no matter how fast Burter went, Goku had no problem knocking him unconscious. Before he could reawaken, Vegeta smashed Burter's neck with his feet.

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