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Character Profile: Chi-Chi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chi-Chi Chi-Chi Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball)
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Chichi(alternate spelling) Chichi(alternate spelling)
Human Human
Female Female
12 years; 24 years(Dragon Ball Z) 12 years; 24 years(Dragon Ball Z)
Black Black
Black Black
5'6" 168 cm
Dragon Ball Dragon Ball
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Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball GT
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Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Super

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Chi-Chi

Chi-chi is Goku's wife and mother of both Gohan and Goten. When Gohan was born, Chi-chi spent ages trying to make him study. But then when Goten was born, she spent her time sparring against him. She is a very protective mother, but also a nice person.

The funny thing about her name is that in Japanese, Chi Chi means both "breasts" and "father". In this case, it most likely means "breasts" since many Dragon Ball characters are named after either clothes or food.

Character Description: Chi-Chi

Chi Chi is the daughter of the Oxking. In Dragon Ball, she met Goku when the Oxking sent Goku to find her. She also met Yamcha when he lied to her and said that he was in love with her.

One time, she almost got Goku to marry her even though he thought it was food. Close to the end of Dragon Ball, Chi Chi goes to the Martial Arts Tournament and fights Goku in order to make him keep his promise to her. She eventually marries him at the end of Dragonball.

In Dragon Ball Z, she has Gohan, her first child. She tries to get him to study all the time so that he can become a scholar. After Gohan beats Cell, he goes to school. Chi chi then has her second child, Goten.

In Dragon Ball GT, she really doesn't play a major role in the series.

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