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FriezaFreeza (Furiza)Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)
At least 30 years (probably much older)At least 30 years (probably much older)
4'9" (Form 1), 4'11" (Form 1, full power), 6'10" (Form 2), 6'7" (Form 3), 5'2" (Final Form, Full Power, and Mecha/Cyborg Frieza)145 cm (Form 1), 150 cm (Form 1, full power), 208 cm (Form 2), 201 cm (Form 3), 157 cm (Final Form, Full Power, and Mecha/Cyborg Frieza)
Evil overlordEvil overlord
"Saiyans are useless monkies"
Pauline Newstone, Linda YoungNakao Ryuusei
Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball GTDragon Ball GT
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Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super

Character Description: Frieza

Frieza is the main bad guy in the Frieza Saga of Dragon Ball Z. He heard of the existence of Dragonballs from his henchman Vegeta, who would later betray him to get the balls for himself. He is known universally for being the man who destroyed the Saiyan home world because he feared they would become too strong and overthrow him. He went to Namek with his squad of henchmen to find the Dragonballs.

Vegeta showed up and proved to be a thorn in the overlord's backside when he killed the henchmen Kiwi and Dodoria with little effort. Frieza resolved to summon the Ginyu Force, and after his other henchmen Zarbon and Apple were also wiped out by Vegeta, it became obvious that he needed the well-trained but silly group of mercenaries. But then Goku arrived and easily defeated the Ginyu member Recoome and Baata, while Vegeta took out Jees and Gurudo, and the leader Captain Ginyu became a frog and ran (er..hopped) away. As for Frieza's real powers, he can transform into several different forms, in which he kills Vegeta, Krillin and the Namek boy Dende. Their deaths force Goku to become a super Saiyan, enabling Goku to end Frieza's life once and for all. Or did he?

After the people Frieza had killed were resurrected, Frieza's father King Kold located his remains and had him rebuilt into a cyborg. As Frieza heads to Earth for revenge... does this spell the ultimate doom for Goku and friends...?

Note: I've been told by someone that the name of Frieza's race is "changeling", but I have yet to find any official evidence to support this claim.

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