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Character Profile: Gogeta

USA Info
Japanese Info
Gogeta Gojiita(ゴジータ) Gogeta (Dragon Ball Z)
Saiyan Saiyajin
Male Male
Appears about 30 years old Appears about 30 years old
Black(normally), gold(when Super Saiyan), red(when Super Saiyan 4) Black(normally), gold(when Super Saiyajin), red(when Super Saiyajin 4)
Black Black
Fusion Z/GT warrior Fusion Z/GT warrior
"I'm not Goku or Vegeta, I'm the instrument of your defeat!" "I'm not Goku or Vegeta, I'm the instrument of your defeat!"
  Ryou Horikawa, Masako Nozawa
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball GT

Character Description: Gogeta

Gogeta is Vegetto's "Good-side brother" (notice how that's in quotes, people, I know they're not really brothers, it's just an expression, so you can stop emailing me about that). Gogeta is older than Vegetto because he became before Kakarotto lived again. Notice that Gogeta is the first dead fusion around. He was made to kill Janemba, a Soul demon.

Whereas Vegetto's fusion was accomplished by Potara fusion (fusion using Elder Kai's earrings), Gogeta was created through the fusion dance. Apparently the earring fusion is 100 times more powerful than the dance fusion, but then it is also supposedly permanent.

Gogeta Super Saiyan 4Unlike his "brother", Gogeta kills enemies really fast. Gogeta also fights Li-Shenlong in GT, but because they spent more energy in SSJ4 state, the fusion only lasted 15 minutes instead of the typical 30 minutes, and thus he lost.

Editor's Note: The age listed is just the age he looks, not his actual age. I mean, this is two different people fused together here, how can you really expect to list an accurate age and have it make sense? Sure we could say he's zero years old, or we could average the two ages to come up with something, but really, this is all fiction here, so just go with it.

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