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GohanSon GohanGohan (Dragon Ball Z)
The Great Saiyaman
1/2 human, 1/2 saiyan1/2 human, 1/2 saiyajin
4 - 17 years (ages throughout the series) (born May, 757 A.D.)4 - 17 years (ages throughout the series) (born May, 757 A.D.)
Black spikeyBlack spikey
About 3'5" - 5'11" (grows throughout the series)(grows throughout the series)
236 lbs (as a teen, changes as he grows)107 kg (as a teen, changes as he grows)
First son of Goku and Chi-ChiFirst son of Goku and Chi-Chi
"Maya-Maya" <Boom!>"Maya-Maya" <Boom!>
Brad Swaile, Saffron Henerson, Stephanie NadolnyNozawa Masako
Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball GTDragon Ball GT
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Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super

Character Description: Gohan

Gohan is Goku and Chi-Chi's first son. He trained under Piccolo for a year to prepare to fight Nappa and Vegeta. Gohan was able to defeat Nappa and Vegeta at the last moment when his tail grew back and he saw the fake moon Vegeta made earlier.

In the Cell Saga, he reached SSJ form while training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and reaches SSJ2 form while fighting Cell and then he kills Cell.

In the Buu Saga, Gohan learned how to enter Mystic form. Rou Kaioshin states that he pushed Gohan's past his limits. It is also stated that Gohan's potential is bigger than Goku's, so his Mystic form is indeed stronger than Goku's SS forms. Unfortunately Gohan is soon absorbed by Super Gotenks Buu.

Gohan is a gentle young man in general. He is idealistic and pure like his father and only uses fighting as a last resort. Unlike his father, though, Gohan does not enjoy testing his power or pushing his power to it's limit unless truly necessary.

Gohan is the Japanese word for "rice".

Character Description: Gohan

Ever since he was born, Gohan (named after Goku's adoptive grandfather) seemed to not be your average kid. And it wasn't just from the fact he's half-Saiyan. When he was just a baby, a stroller mishap almost caused Gohan to crash into a tree...if a sudden flash of energy hadn't punched a hole in the same tree. From that day forward, Gohan's parents sensed there was something about their kid.

That same sudden burst of power appeared a few years later, when Gohan stared down his Saiyan uncle, Raditz, after the brute had beaten Goku and Piccolo hard. Raditz was stunned to see power levels higher than Piccolo's...and then he took one massive human cannonball to the gut. The attack had been enough to stun Raditz, affording Goku the opportunity to subdue him and allow Piccolo to finish the job.

After Goku and Raditz were sent to the next dimension, Piccolo decided to see what he could do to awaken Gohan's power, so he took Gohan into the wilderness and forced him to learn how to fend for himself. Unfortunately for Piccolo, Gohan had inherited one nasty trait from his dad: the tail! Twice, Piccolo had to interrupt his training to deal with a rampaging were-ape: blasting the moon the first time and putting the fritz on Goku's old space pod the second.

Gohan After a year of hard knocks, Gohan managed to pick up on the lessons. He may not necessarily have had the full fighter's attitude as yet, but he was definitely improved and ready to stand with the rest of the Z fighters. As the fight wore on and his father finally rejoined them, moments of desperation once again caused Gohan's hidden power to emerge, giving even Vegeta a run for his money. Ultimately, though, it was the timely reappearance of that infernal tail (and the resultant transformation) that overwhelmed Vegeta and forced him to leave.

But with Piccolo and Kami gone, the gang needed to locate another set of Dragon Balls to wish them back, so Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma set off for planet Namek in search of them. Together, Krillin and Gohan were able to evade trouble from Dodoria, give Vegeta a very hard time, and delay the Ginyu force until Goku finally joined them on Namek. Gohan would continue to surprise the others with his sudden bursts of power, bursts that even surprised Frieza.

Once Gohan returned Earth, he waited for his father to return from Namek. In the meantime, a little problem re-emerged from his childhood: Garlic Junior. Before Raditz ever came along, one of Gohan's sudden bursts of power had caused Garlic Jr. to fall into the Dead Zone. Now back and bent on revenge, he once again faced the kid who sent him to the Dead Zone...but again underestimates Gohan and ultimately gets sent back from which he came.

By the time Trunks appears, Gohan has proven that he's no slouch. He was definitely growing up. Then later, with Cell confidently giving the Z fighters 10 days to prepare for their supposed destruction, Goku takes Gohan to the Parabolic Time Chamber to compress a year's worth of training into a day. Goku pushes his son hard, and the training regimen pays off. Gohan learns how to become a Super Saiyan, learns how to maintain that form, and then works up from there. It's during this training that Goku finally sees the key to Gohan's incredible power boost...so he sets up Gohan as the trump card for the Cell Games. Cell torments the little Super Saiyan, egging him to uncork his power...but no one anticipated just HOW powerful Gohan would become, and in the end, Gohan overpowers Cell and blasts him clean out of existence.

Time passes. With no more threats to the Earth in sight, Gohan is finally able to fulfill one of his mother's deepest wishes: to hit the books. Finally, seven years later, Gohan enrolls in Orange Star High School. On his first day, on the way to class, he happens upon a bank robbery. Being the just-minded guy that he is, he turns Super Saiyan and thoroughly subdues the robbers. Realizing that he couldn't pull off another stunt like that, Gohan asks Bulma for a disguise. She comes up with one, and Gohan begins his brief career as the Great Saiyaman. But there's a classmate of his with an attitude and a brain who eventually figures out who's under the mask. Videl confronts Gohan and blackmails him into teaching her how to fly. Although the two of them don't hit it off at first, the relationship warms very quickly. It helps that Videl doesn't like her dad, leaving Gohan with an opportunity to impress her.

Gohan and Videl will eventually settle down...and then get married and have a daughter...Pan, who herself will write her own chapter in history.

Character Description: Gohan

Gohan was born to Chi-Chi and Goku. Gohan has a very kind heart, and is very unique among the Z Senshi. He is very intelligent because Chi-Chi made him study a lot.

So what exactly makes Gohan so unique? Is it that he is one of the only Z Senshi that can read? Is it that he doesn't get angry when he gets hurt, yet cares about the welfare of others? Or is it his hidden powers? It is all of them.

Ever since Gohan was a baby, he was considered a "brat" because he couldn't take care of himself. He thought of himself as being spoiled because his mom is too overprotective. He always thought of himself as not being able to help anyone. But this is not true at all.

Gohan (Dragon Ball Z) His hidden powers helped out the Z Senshi many, many times. In the Saiyan saga, he helped Goku and Piccolo weaken Radittsu. Without him, both Piccolo and Goku wouldn't stand a chance and Radittsu would destroy the world.

He also helped stall time in a COUNTLESS number of situations. Using his hidden powers, he proved to everyone but himself that he isn't a useless brat.

In the Cell Saga, when Gohan first turned Super Saiyan, he said "I am not a baby anymore." This proves how determined he is to not be a brat.

When he was fighting Cell, he was too gentle and wasn't mad enough to defeat Cell. When #16 told him that it was alright to fight for what he believes in, followed by Cell crushing #16's head, Gohan's powers were finally released. But when he hurt his arm, and Cell's Ka-me-ha-me-ha was beating his, he said "After all this, I am still a useless baby." But he wasn't. With his father's support, he was able to defeat Cell and save the planet.

In the Buu Saga, Rou Kaioushin released all of his hidden power. This allowed him to surpass ALL his Super Saiyan levels (but not his father's) and therefore wasn't able to go Super Saiyan anymore. He didn't have any weaknesses, though.

In the Buu Saga, he married Videl and had a daughter named Pan. He looked like a dork with huge glasses. In Dragon Ball GT, he still kept the same look but he couldn't go into his Mystic Form and become Super Saiyan. It's a plothole, so fans came up with the excuse that it would require so much power that he would spontaneously combust.

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