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GotenSon GotenGoten (Dragon Ball Z)
1/2 human, 1/2 saiyan1/2 human, 1/2 saiyajin
Ages from 7 to 18 yearsAges from 7 to 18 years
About 3' (child), About 6' (adult)About 91 cm(child), About 183 cm(adult)
Goku's second sonGoku's second son
Kara Edwards (visit website)Nozawa Masako
Episode 186 - I am Saiyaman! (at about 8 minutes in)Episode 186 - I am Saiyaman! (at about 8 minutes in)
Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball GTDragon Ball GT
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Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super

Character Description: Goten

Super Saiyan Goten Goten is Goku's second son, and Gohan's brother. He was the youngest to become Super Saiya-Jin, at age 5. Or at least, that's when we first see him transform. When Gohan witnesses this, he asks "when in the world did this happen", to which Goten replies "I don't remember" (play clip).

Goten's best friend is Trunks, who is one year older. He can do a Fusion with Trunks to form Gotenks. He's strong, but would much rather spend his time eating than fighting. He is whiney at times, and not the smartest of all people, like Trunks is. Trunks pretty much is leader of the two, but treats Goten as an equal.

Goten is fond of Gohan, as is everyone else when Goku goes to the other world forever. Goten is a good warrior when on a "team", but less powerful when alone. He meets his father at age seven, and his father helps him and Gohan a few times, by breaking the rules of the other world, and not taking the advice of King Kai [Kaio Sama]. Goten fights for the side of good, and is one of the top fighters.

Editor’s Note:

I've been told by some that Goten first went Super Saiyan at age 5, and by others that it actually occurred at age 7. Apparently, the manga says (in Volume 24 of the graphic novels) that he was indeed 5 years old. However, Kara Edwards (the English voice of Goten) said that the production people always told her that Goten was 7 years old when she was coming up with the voice. So that at least indicates that Goten was thought of as being 7 years old.

Character Description: Goten

Goten Goten is the second son of Goku and Chi-Chi. When he was about five years old, Gohan took him in to the woods to show him some of his moves such as becoming a super saiyan. Goten tried to become a super saiyan too, but Gohan told him that he was to young and that he needed hard training. But the second Gohan turns to Goten again, Goten's a super saiyan, making him the youngest known super saiyan in the universe!

Goten never knew his father until he was about seven years old because Goku was off fighting Cell. Goten was afraid of Goku when he meet him at the Tournament. He hid behind Chi-chi's leg and Goku had to coax him to come out from behind her. Goten's best friend is Trunks.

In the series Dragon Ball GT, Goten was supposed to have joined Trunks and Goku on the search for the black star dragon balls, but an over exited Pan foils his plans. So while he is happy to be home, Goten keeps on with his kicked back life.

While on a date with Valese, Baby interrupts, trying to get the body of the saiyan to live in. And after Goten turns super saiyan, he succseds! After seeing his super saiyan body and skills at work, Valese belives that he may be an angel.

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