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GuldoGurudoGuldo (Dragon Ball Z)
Black (all four of them)Black (all four of them)
3'3"About 99 cm
Terry Klassen (1997-1998), Bill Townsley (1999-2003)Kozo Shioya
Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z

Character Description: Guldo

The smallest member of the Ginyu Tokusentai, Guldo was an ugly little four-eyed, green-skinned alien with a round, pudgy little body. Despite being smaller than his teammates, Guldo made up for what he lacked in size and strength with his amazing ability to freeze time for as long as he could hold his breath. He also possessed telekinetic powers of all sorts, and was rumored to also be able to read minds.

The first of the Ginyu Tokusentai to fight, Guldo took on Kuririn and Gohan, and he had a little trouble at first since the pair surpassed his expectations about their speed, but he recovered and employed his "mind freeze" technique to mentally paralyze Kuririn and Gohan's bodies in midair. He toyed with them for a while, and eventually prepared to finish them off with a spear he'd fashioned from a tree trunk. But, at the last second, Vegeta stepped in and cut off Guldo's head, breaking the mental link and freeing Kuririn and Gohan.

Character Description: Guldo

Guldo is the weakest member of the Ginyu Force. He is not as goofy and overconfident as the rest of the members of the group, but makes up for it with his unique powers. Guldo has great telekinesis powers and can freeze time when he holds his breath. He was the member of the Ginyu Force to first to fight. After losing out to the chance to fight Vegeta in rock, paper, scissors with Recoome, he settled with taking on Krillin and Gohan instead. Guldo kept on using his time freeze attack to run away from his opponents. When he ran out of breath, he hid.

The rest of the Ginyu force was getting bored, so Guldo stopped running and used his mental powers to freeze Krillin and Gohan in place. He was going to telepathically impale them with a giant pointy log, but Vegeta stepped in. He shot a laser at Guldo (cut his head off in the Japanese version) and blasted him point blank to make sure he was dead. He had a couple battles in the afterlife, but was always beaten.

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