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Anime Profile: Dragon Ball Z- Fusion Reborn

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dragon Ball Z- Fusion Reborn (Movie 12)Dragon Ball Z- Fusion Reborn (Movie 12)Dragon Ball Z- Fusion Reborn
1 movie
March 28, 20061995
FUNimationToei Animation
Akira Toriyama
Action, Martial ArtsAction, Martial Arts
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GohanSon Gohan
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GokuSon Goku
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Characters: Dragon Ball Z- Fusion Reborn

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Frieza Freeza Janemba Janemba
Gogeta Gojiita Janenpa Janenpa
Gohan Son Gohan King Yemma Enma Daiou
Goku Son Goku Trunks Torankusu
Goten Son Goten Vegeta Bejita
Gotenks Gotenks

Description: Dragon Ball Z- Fusion Reborn

Janempa is the first form of Janemba. The movie starts in King Yama's domain. He is sitting at his desk deciding who goes where either above or below. He hear's some annoying noise and sends one of his other employies to check it out. It turns out to be Janemba listening to his music. The employe tells him to turn it down and change the tank on the spirit clenser. He doesn't listen, and the tank that he was supposed to change explodes causing a chain reaction with the other tanks.

He is then mutated into Janempa and encases the check-in station in a some form of barrier. This causes an imbalance in both the living and dead worlds. The dead start walking umomg the living. Hitler comes back and Goten and Trunks fight him and his army through out the movie. Freeza and some other unforgettable faces also come back, but Gohan and Videl make quick work of them. The remaining dead walking around are defeated by Hurcule.

It then goes to the other world tournament with the North, South, East, and West galaxies fighting for the title of champion. It's basically what happend in the seires except this time Goku and Piccan are frineds, and they don't get to fight to the finish because a huge block of ice breaks out of the ground stopping the fight. Goku and Piccan are then asked to go to King Yama's domain to check out the problem.

They get there and find Janempa. Goku decides that he will take care of Janempa while Piccan takes care of the barrier. Goku leads Janempa down into hell where they can fight without endangering anyone. As the fight drags on Piccan is busy trying to destroy the barrier. As his strongest attack fails he starts yelling at it. The first layer of the barrier shatters. He procceds with yelling at it for most of the movie. The battle between Goku and Janempa comes to a close when Goku goes Super Saiyan Three and pretty much melts him.

Janempa mutates again taking on a much smaller form, known as Janemba. Goku then procceds to fight Janemba and pretty much gets his butt kicked. Vegeta appears and helps Goku but the two can't beat Janemba. They decide to do fusion. Vegeta forgets to fully extend his finger and they turn into Veku. Veku and Janemba fight untill the fusion wares off.

They try fusion again after Piccan distracts Janemba. The fusion works and they become Gogeta. Trunks and Goten sense their dad's fusion and decide to do fusion themselves becoming Gotenks. They beat Hitler with the super ghost kamakazi attack. Gogeta then kills Janemba. He reverts back to the teenaged employee he had mutated from in the first place. The check-in station is back up and running and the movie then ends.

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