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Anime Profile: Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dragon Ball: The Path to PowerDragon Ball: Saikyō e no Michi (ドラゴンボール 最強への道) ("Dragon Ball: The Path to Ultimate Strength")Dragon Ball: The Path to Power
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Dragon Ball: The Path to Ultimate Strength
1 movie1 movie
FUNimationToei Animation
Akira Toriyama
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Android 8Mechanical Man No. 8
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Commander RedCommander Red
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GokuSon Goku
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Characters: Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Android 8 Mechanical Man No. 8 Master Roshi Muten Roushi
Bulma Buruma Oolong Uron
Commander Red Commander Red Shenron Shenron
Goku Son Goku Yamcha Yamucha
Major Metallitron Major Metallitron Assistant Black --?--

Description: Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

This feature is similar to the series except for a few differences. If you aren't familiar with the series, Dragonballs are seven orange balls with a certain number of red stars in the balls. When all seven balls are together it summons the eternal dragon, Shenron.

Unfortunately, Commander Red of the Red Ribbon Army has one of the seven Dragonballs. The Red Ribbon Army is looking for the Dragonballs in order to make their goal of world domination come true.

Someone in the Red Ribbon Army has the seven-star ball at muscle tower. However, Goku gets this Dragonball, and asked Ater (who was originally called Android 8) to come with Oolong and Bulma. Ater thanks Goku, but he wants to tear down Muscle Tower and take whoever was in it to the authorities.

Goku does the Ka-may-ha-may-ha wave, and we hear from Master Roshi that it took him fifty years to perform it, while Goku learned it in seconds. The eternal dragon does end up getting summoned, and you'll be surprised at the wish that the he grants!

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