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MaiMai (マイ)Mai (Dragon Ball)
"Pilaf, may I remind you that we don't have time to shop today?"
Teryl Rothery (Ocean Dub), Julie Franklin (Series DB and DBGT), Cynthia Cranz (Mystical Adventure), Colleen Clinkenbeard (Video Games)Eiko Yamada
Chapter 18 (manga), Episode 1 (anime)Chapter 18 (manga), Episode 1 (anime)
Dragon BallDragon Ball
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Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball GTDragon Ball GT
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Dragon Ball: Mystical AdventureDragon Ball: Mystical Adventure
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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Character Description: Mai

Mai (マイ) is Emperor Pilaf's female minion. She always works with Shu and, although she is intelligent (even more so in FUNimation Dub), the two of them always manage to fail their objectives. She is a beautiful, calculating enemy who always resorts to weaponry and technology; her serious tone is a foil to Shu's comic personality.

Mai is a fairly tall woman with blue eyes and long black hair with bangs. She is often seen wearing red eye shadow and lipstick. Mai usually wears a teal trench coat with a red star insignia on each shoulder, a brown belt with a pistol holster attached to it from the right hip, beige slacks, and brown combat boots. Her overall uniform resembles that worn by Soviet secret agents portrayed in 1950's/60's spy films.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Mai has taken the form of a young pre-teen girl. In this form, she wears a green gymnasterka (Russian army tunic) and black wellington boots. She still has the belt and holster from her adult uniform, however, she does not wear pants. Unlike her adult form, her eyes are black instead of blue, and she does not seem to wear any make-up.

Mai is one of the first enemies of Goku and the Dragon Ball Gang. Though intelligent, Mai can also be bumbling and forgetful. She generally plays the role of comedic relief along with Shu and has a dirty sense of humor. Like the rest of the Pilaf Gang, Mai displays the ability to comedically survive almost anything.

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