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Character Profile: Raditz

USA Info
Japanese Info
Raditz Radeitsu Raditz (Dragon Ball Z)
Saiyan Saiyajin
Male Male
Black Black
Black Black
6'5" 196 cm
220 lbs 99.8 kg
Bad guy Bad guy
"Let me show you how it's done!"  
Justin Cook Shigeru Chiba
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z

Character Description: Raditz

Raditz is a Saiyan. He's also Goku's older brother. He first comes to Earth to see if Goku has finished his mission to wipe out all life forms. To his disapointment, he finds that Goku had hit his head as a child and forgotten everything. To make sure that his little brother starts his mission, he takes Gohan.

After Raditz leaves, Piccolo shows up and offers Goku an alliance as he wants Raditz gone as well. Together, they set off to find Raditz, who thinks Goku will bend to his will. However, Raditz gets sick of listening to Gohan's Whining and puts him in his ship. Just before Goku and Piccolo's arrival, he convinces himself that his scanner is busted. Much to his surprise, it's working perfectly.

Once Goku and Piccolo arrive, he gives them a fearful beating, breaking Goku's ribs and severing Piccolo's arm. Taking a natural attraction to Goku, he continues to attack him, ignoring Piccolo. Gohan, seeing his father in trouble, bursts out of the ship, his power level going through the roof. Taking Raditz by surprise, his gives Raditz the worst injury he's ever had.

This injury gives Goku time to recover and Piccolo time to power up his special beam cannon. Goku holds Raditz, giving Piccolo the opportunity to wipe out his two biggest enemies with one stroke. Just before he dies, Raditz alerts the other two saiyans of the Dragonballs, triggering a set of events leading to an all out war.

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