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Character Profile: Raspberry and Blueberry

USA Info
Japanese Info
Raspberry Razuberri Raspberry and Blueberry (Dragon Ball Z)
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Blueberry Buruberri
Alien(Raspberry); human(Blueberry) Alien(Raspberry); human(Blueberry)
Male Male
Brown(fur; Raspberry); black(Blueberry) Brown(fur; Raspberry); black(Blueberry)
6'0"(Raspberry);5'11"(Blueberry) About 183 cm(Raspberry); 180 cm(Blueberry)
"All right, we'll play it your way. But I'm sure Frieza can jog your memory!"(Raspberry)  
Scott McNeill(both)  
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z

Character Description: Raspberry and Blueberry

These two were scouts for Frieza. They happened upon Bulma, who at the time was safeguarding a Dragon Ball left in her care by Gohan and Krillin. Raspberry and Blueberry thought she knew where the rest of the balls were, so they kidnapped her. They refused to beleive she didn't know where they were, and kept threatening to bring her before Frieza if she did not comply. After overcoming her initial fear, Bulma decided she had to outwit the two "muscleheads." When Raspberry made it clear neither he nor his partner had any inkling of just what the Dragon Balls were for, Bulma played her hand. She told them about how they would grant any wish desired once brought together.

This intrigued Raspberry, but Blueberry was skeptical. Bulma did this in the hopes that the two warriors would go off looking for the balls and leave here alone, but her plan backfired. Raspberry again demanded she take them to the balls. But Bulma outsmarted the goons a second time, telling them the Dragon Balls were in the ocean. The goons, who wore special helmets that allowed them to breath underwater (or something) found a clutch of giant crab's eggs, which they mistook for Dragon Balls. This angered the mother crab, who turned and attacked Raspberry and Blueberry, allowing Bulma to escape. The scouts tried to follow, but were seized by the crab and dragged back underwater to their deaths.

Blueberry was a normal human, while Raspberry was some kind of dog-like alien. Both were armed with fore-arm blasters, guns which fire powerful bursts of energy.

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