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Tien ShinhanTenshinhanTien Shinhan (Dragon Ball)
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16 years; 28 years (Dragon Ball Z)16 years; 28 years (Dragon Ball Z)
Looks about 6'1"Looks about 185 cm
Looks about 200 lbsLooks about 90.7 kg
Matt Smith, John BurgmeierSuzoki Hirotaka
Dragon BallDragon Ball
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Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball GTDragon Ball GT
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Dragon Ball: Mystical AdventureDragon Ball: Makafushigi Daibouken
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Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super

Character Description: Tien Shinhan

Tenshinhan was the student of Tsurusennin. He was the strongest human being on Earth (in the entire series).

In the 22nd Tenka Ichi Budokai, Tenshinhan and Goku were equals. They each had a power level of 180.

In Vegeta and Nappa's arrival, though, there was a big difference. Tenshinhan's power level was 1830. But when Goku arrived from Snake Way, Nappa read his power level to be 5000. Then he raised to 8000. His Kaio-ken x4 was 32,000. In the Cell Saga, Tenshinhan's power level was already in the millions (exact number not given).

Tenshinhan actually played an important role in Dragon ball Z. He saved Android 18's butt as well as Gohan's in two different scenes.

In the Buu saga, he also saves Mr. Satan, Dende, and Gohan from Buu (previously Buu absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks 3).

Character Description: Tien Shinhan

Tenshinhan (more comonly known as Tien) is an old friend of Kakarott's (Goku's) since Dragon Ball. He had started out a bad guy as a diciple who was in the "Crane" Martial Arts place, but turned good, though still not becoming one of Master Roshi's diciples. In Dragon Ball Z, he and his old friend Choutzu are still together.

After Radditz kills Kakarott, Kami takes him up with his friends to Kami's Lookout until they become as strong as he is, around about a powerlevel of 1000, I think. Anyway, he trains more alone with Choutzu waiting for the arrival of the Sayains. We learn that his powerlevel is definately above 1,200 when they arrive due to the fact he is strong enough to kill a saibaman and their power level was 1,200 (equal to Radditz's).

Still, when the Sayain Nappa decides to fight, they are all out of their league, and Tien's friend Choutzu dies in an attempt to kill him. The attempt fails, and they resume stalling, though Tien is heartbroken and fights and dies trying to kill Nappa too. When Tien dies, he and his other fallen friends (Yamcha, Choutzu, and Piccolo) all journey down Snake Way and train with King Kai.

When he is restored to life, he and Choutzu take to wandering again. They appear in time to fight the androids and Cell, but only flash through the Buu Saga (you don't really see them). Basically, after the Cell Saga they dissappear.

Tenshinhan is a serious human with a third eye in the middle of his forhead which shows false images. Solar Flare was one of his moves before Kuririn started to use it and has many other powerful attacks.

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