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Trunks BriefTrunks Brief (トランクス)Trunks Brief (Dragon Ball Z)Trunks Brief (Dragon Ball Z)
Mirai Trunks (future Trunks)Mirai Torankusu (future Trunks)
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Chibi Trunks (kid Trunks)
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Future Trunks
1/2 saiyan, 1/2 human1/2 saiyajin, 1/2 human
1 - 8 years old (ages throughout the series) (born 766 A.D.); 18 years old (future Trunks)1 - 8 years old (ages throughout the series) (born 766 A.D.); 18 years old (future Trunks)
5'10"178 cm
"You know that the sword doesn't make the man!"
Laura Bailey (Kid Trunks), Eric Vale (Future Trunks)Kusao Takeshi (Future Trunks)
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Hiro Yuuki
Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super

Character Description: Trunks Brief

Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, and comes in three basic forms: Mirai (future), Chibi (kid), and GT.

Mirai Trunks lived in a world filled with fear, and where all the saiyans had died. The androids were destroying everything he had. Then his mom, Bulma, made a time machine so that he could change the past.

Mirai Trunks came back from a bleak future in order to save the one man he thought would be able to change that future: Son Goku. In addition to Trunks brings medicine to Goku, he also helps fight the androids, and after that he fights Cell, and dies doing so. This Trunks has a pretty horrible life, being the last "Z Warrior" and having his master Gohan die because of the androids.

Chibi Trunks is seen as a baby when Mirai Trunks is in the show. That trunks can basically cry, wet himself uncontrollably, eat, and spit up. He wears a cute blue hat with cat ears. Chibi trunks is also seen as an 8 year old kid. He is loud and likes to get his own way. This trunks seems to like mooning people and flicking them off.

GT trunks is seen in Dragon Ball GT and is kind of a wuss. He does not seem to like fighting as much as his Chibi self, and is the president of Capsule Corp. He spends a year in space with Pan and Chibi Goku.

He is a kind, polite and thoughtful person, much unlike his mother. Mirai Trunks is a very polite boy, unlike his father. He was the second to turn Super Saiyan. His trademark move is the "Burning Attack".

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