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TurlesTaresu ("Taurus")Turles (Dragon Ball Z)
Probably about 30-40 years oldProbably about 30-40 years old
6'5"About 196 cm
Probably about 200lbsProbably about 90.7 kg
"Kneel before my full might"
Paul DobsonMasako Nozawa
Dragon Ball Z (movie 3)Dragon Ball Z (movie 3)

Character Description: Turles

Taurus is a pureblooded Saiyan, and a survivor of the destruction of planet Vegeta... who just happens to look exactly like Goku. He appeared in the third Dragon Ball Z movie, "The Tree of Might." The fact that Goku and Taurus look alike is explained in the movie by Taurus: "You think I resemble Kakarot? Of course, we are both lower class Saiyan warriors, and there is only a few types likes us." Make of it what you will, but I must also point out that when Taurus calls Goku his "idiot brother", he does not mean it literally. He means it in the sense that they're both Saiyan warriors.

With his ragtag group of followers, Taurus travelled the universe in search of a planet with enough resources to plant the seed of the Tree of Might. This tree absorbs all the resources and energy from its host planet in order to grow to enormous size and produce a special fruit which contains all the planet's robbed energy. If someone eats the fruit, that person will thus gain the energy and become stronger. Naturally, Taurus and his followers intended to use the fruit to become the strongest fighters in the universe.

They picked Earth as the best candidate, and shortly after their arrival on the planet, Taurus and his followers planted the seed. In a matter of hours the tree grew for several miles around until it reached hundreds of miles across the Earth, destroying all cities and signs of life in its path. Goku and his friends arrived on the scene and engaged Taurus' followers in battle, but found that they were vastly outmatched, save Goku who would eventually defeat them all with one blow each.

Taurus did not participate in the fighting for a while. When he observed how easily Gohan was able to defeat Raisin, he realized that Gohan was not only incredibly strong but also a Saiyan. Taurus created an artificial full moon and forced Gohan to look at it (while he himself looked away), causing Gohan to transform into an Oozaru. This caused Goku to become even more preoccupied, giving Taurus the time he needed to ensure that the fruit would be ripe enough to eat.

Piccolo challenged Taurus, but the Saiyan proved to be much stronger and simply pulverized Piccolo. Meanwhile, Goku defeated all of Taurus' followers with relative ease. By then, the fruit was ready, and after eating several pieces, Taurus was much more powerful than before, and faced Goku within the hollow of the massive tree. Goku finally fired a Spirit Bomb created from the energy held within the fruit, destroying both Taurus and the Tree of Might for good.

Turles' Age

While there is no proper informtation on his age, there is some info and facts from the show that can help to give an estimate. Turles looks to be 25 years old the same age as Goku, however this is not possible since Turles left planet Vegeta before Goku was even born. Turles also seems to know who Bardock is, showing that he must have been serving Frieza for quite some time. So the best estimated guess for his age would be 30-40 years old at the most. He also knew Vegeta whom is around the same age.

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