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Character Profile: Vegeta

USA Info
Japanese Info
Vegeta Bejita(ベジータ) Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)
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Vegita(alternate spelling)  
Saiyan Saiyajin
Male Male
29 years(born 732 A.D.) 29 years(born 732 A.D.)
Black(gold when Super Saiyan mode, white when controlled by Bebi, brown while Super Saiyan 4) Black(gold when Super Saiyan mode, white when controlled by Bebi, brown while Super Saiyan 4)
Black(green while Super Saiyan, blue while Super Saiyan 4) Black(green while Super Saiyan, blue while Super Saiyan 4)
About 5'3"(source: estimated based on Goku's height) About 160 cm(source: estimated based on Goku's height)
123 lbs 55.7 kg
Saiyan prince, Bulma's husband Saiyajin prince, Buruma's husband
"I'm going to send you to another dimension!"  
Brian Drummond(Ocean Studios dub), Christopher R. Sabat, Sean Schemmel Ryo Horikawa
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball GT  
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Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Super

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Character Description: Vegeta

In the first series of the Dragon Ball Z saga featuring Nappa and Raditz, Vegeta was the leader of the Saiyajin Elite trying to capture the Earth in the name of Frieza and to get the seven Dragonballs. He would go on to battle Goku and destroy him terribly until Vegeta was defeated by Krillin and Gohan using a Genkidama. Goku allowed Vegeta to leave Earth. Vegeta returned to Frieza where he was put in a regeneration tank. When he became stronger he left for the planet Namek on a quest to collect the seven Dragonballs from their orign.

On Namek, Vegeta confronted Frieza and the Ginyu Squad while looking for the original seven magic balls of Namek to make himself immortal. There he finds allies in the form of the Z-team (Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Bulma, and the revived Piccolo). Goku later battles Frieza to the end of the Frieza Saga.

On Earth, Vegeta trains to become the strongest saiyan in the universe. But while he is training a stranger named Trunks comes into play. Trunks tells the Z-team (now with Vegeta), to prepare for a fight with evil androids. Vegeta goes to the Capsule Corp. to train in the gravity room that Bulma's genius father built, but while there he overdoes it causing the room to explode. He is taken to the hospital after Bulma rescues him from the rubble. Vegeta awakes to find Bulma sleeping at the foot of his bed. Some time after this they get together, and later we find that Bulma has Vegeta's first baby named Chibi Trunks.

During the android battle Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan and surprizes the Z-team. He later destroys Android #19 with the "Big Bang Attack". During the Cell Saga he learns the "Final Flash" technique.

After the Cell Saga, Vegeta falls under the influence of Majin Boo. Then we find out Vegeta's true attitude.

In the middle of the Boo Saga, Vegeta learns how to "fuse" with Goku and they form Vegito and later Gogita. At the end of the Dragon Ball Z series Bulma gives birth to Vegeta's second child named Bra.

In the Dragon Ball GT series, Vegeta gets taken over by Bebi. He later turns into the ape like, red furred, long black haired, Super Saiyajin 4 Mode.

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