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Character Profile: Videl

USA Info
Japanese Info
Videl Bideru Videl (Dragon Ball Z)
Great Saiyaman 2 Great Saiyaman 2
· · ·
Great Saiyagirl(unofficially)  
· · ·
Great Saiyawoman(unofficially)  
Human Human
Female Female
17 years old(when she first enters the story) 17 years old(when she first enters the story)
Black Black
Blue Blue
Looks about 5'6" Looks about 168 cm
"I think Gohan is all right. I don't know why, but I can feel him beating in my heart."  
Kara Edwards (visit website)  
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball GT
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Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Super

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Videl

Videl is the child of Hercule. When she was a teen, she met Gohan while attending Orange Star High School. She teased him at first, but then she started to feel a lust for Gohan. Eventually, they started dating and she became his girlfriend.

Soon after Videl and Gohan were married, they have a child named Pan.

In the English version, episode #272 'Celebrations With Majin Buu', Videl appears in costume at a held up jewelry store with The Great Saiyaman and introduces herself as the Great Saiyagirl.

She blackmails Gohan to enter the Tourny and train her, or else she will expose Gohan's secret as the Great Saiyaman.

Character Description: Videl

At first, Videl's only mission in life seemed to be to pick on Gohan. But after Gohan taught her to fly, she calmed down a bit and they become friends. As the series progressed, they become closer.

Then Goku (Gohan's father) tells her that Majin Buu had killed Gohan. At this point she realizes that she loved Gohan. Videl could not accept that Gohan was dead, because she "just had this strange feeling". In the end Videl is right; Gohan is alive. They later get married and have a daughter, Pan.

She is stronger than her father, Hercule.

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