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Mimi TasogareMimi TasogareMimi Tasogare (Duel Masters)
13 years old13 years old
"Strategy! I love strategy! Is it like Go-fish?"
Janice Lee
Duel MastersDuel Masters

Character Description: Mimi Tasogare

Mimi appears to be a clueless duelist who is fascinated with the Duel Monsters card game. She makes friends with Shobu, Saiyuki, and Rakuda at school. However, when Shobu gets an invitation to the temple in episode ten, she becomes strangely serious and foreboding.

She distracts Saiyuki and Rakuda and punches a hole in the wall. Then when they are inside, after they see Shobu beaten up with only three tokens left, she becomes harsh and demanding with what seems like split voice. Fritz, the goblin that loves kareoke, recognizes her but she cuts him off. And when Shobu is about to duel one of the temple bullies, Mimi 'accidentally' knocks him over, mixing up his deck with hers.

As she picks them up for him, she adds some of her own cards. Shobu notices and is a somewhat angry, but Mimi says it's alright for him to use them. After all, his father is probably using evolution cards too. With the help of Mimi's cards, Shobu wins his duel, plus gains the fifty tokens he needs to be allowed to battle Hakuo. There's more to Mimi that meets the eye.

Character Description: Mimi Tasogare

Mimi a Temple Guardian that is sent to Spy on Shobu, but is still his friend. She plays dumb and pretends not to know what the card game is really about. Mimi is adored by lots of boys, especicially by Rakudah. Most of her cards are Shield-triggers monsters. After her duel with Shobu, Mimi begs Shobu to help Hakuoh turn back to the way he was. Mimi seems to like Rakudah and Hakuoh. And she has a twin brother named Benny Ha-ha.

Character Description: Mimi Tasogare

Mimi is the 2nd Guardian of the Temple. She was recruited to the temple by Hakuoh. Mimi is often seen in her suite, talking on her cell phone, and saying. "Yes, Master." The Temple sent Mimi to spy on Shobu, though she became a friend to Shobu and couldn't betray him. She let on that she had no idea how to play, until Shobu faced off against the 2nd Guardian and relized that she was deceiving the 'gang' all along. Her master became feed up with Mimi's actions and took over her mind. He dueled Shobu with Mimi's body and lost. Mimi was exspelled from the Temple, but Fritz the Bitter Goblin told Mimi and then acted like he never saw her.

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