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Anime Profile: Durarara

USA Info
Japanese Info
Durarara Drrr!!(デュラララ!!) Durarara
17 episodes 17 episodes
2010-still showing 2010-still showing
  Ryohgo Narita
Action, Comedy, Suspense Action, Comedy, Suspense
Celty Sturluson Celty Sturluson
· · ·
Izaya Orihara Izaya Orihara
· · ·
Masaomi Kida Masaomi Kida
· · ·
Shinra Kishitani Shinra Kishitani
· · ·
Shizuo Heiwajima Shizuo Heiwajima

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Anime Description: Durarara

Celty Sturluson is like the headless horseman. She rode to Japan in search for her missing head, and is known as the black biker. Her motorcycle, really a horse, helps her in her search as she gets involved with Shizuo, a brave blond male with superhuman strength. While in her quest to find her head, she also encounters other problems such as a high school student with no emotions who's being possessed by a weapon named Saika.

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