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Eden's BowyEden's BowyEden's Bowy
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Eden's Boy (alternate spelling)
A.D. Vision
Seiji Sogawa
Tsukasa Sunaga
Fantasy, AdventureFantasy, Adventure
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Characters: Eden's Bowy

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Yorn Jorrne Reveal Maiden βŠ• Reveal Maiden βŠ•
Elisiss βŠ• Elisiss βŠ• Sakura βŠ• Sakura βŠ•
Enfeaa βŠ• Enfeaa βŠ• Sieda βŠ• Sieda βŠ•
Fennis βŠ• Fennis βŠ• Spike βŠ• Spike βŠ•
Goldo βŠ• Goldo βŠ• Ulgar Dine βŠ• Oyazi βŠ•
Hairra βŠ• Hairra βŠ• Vilogg βŠ• Vilogg βŠ•
Nyako βŠ• Nyako βŠ• Witoo βŠ• Witoo βŠ•
Palella βŠ• Palella βŠ•

Description: Eden's Bowy

The story is set in a strange world where two floating cities called Eurgoha and Yanueas slowly circle the globe. The people on the ground named these cities Γ‹den, and the cities control all the land. A boy, Jorrne, was born on Yanueas, but in his infancy, he was separated from his mother and brought to live on the planet's surface. Although the foisted father that raised him was poor, Jorrne grew into a bright, chipper young man.

One day, two assassins came to town searching for Jorrne, calling him the last of a long line of God Hunters, and somehow Jorrne's father threatens Γ‹den. But Jorrne was saved by Elisiss, a cute and young, but nonhuman, swordwoman and the bearded warrior Oyazi. With his father killed by the assassins, Jorrne has no more links to the town, so he takes up with Oyazi and Elisiss, even though Oyazi seems to have an agenda all his own. He and his two new companions decided to go to Γ‹den so Jorrne can meet his mother again.

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