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Afura MahnAfura MahnAfura Mahn (El-Hazard)
18 years18 years
"I'm surprised you're not boring us with another one of your speeches, Shayla."
Miho Yoshida

Character Description: OVA series

One of the priestesses of Mt. Muldoon. She is a sister of Miz Mishtal and Shayla Shayla. She has the power to manipluate the element of wind. Afura is the most intelligent and objective of the three priestesses of Mt. Muldoon. Rarely does she let her emotions cloud her purpose and duties. Well, not really. There was a moment in the series where she and Shayla Shayla went shopping instead of attending the ceremony at the Springs of Arliman. They had a late arrival to the ceremony, but they arrived nonetheless.

Unlike all the main characters in El-Hazard, Afura does not have any romantic interest in anyone. Period! This does not make her character boring. What makes her different from all other characters in El-Hazard is that she is one of the *very* few people who can argue with Shayla Shayla and get away with it. That is an atronomical feat all in its own. In fact, she and Shayla Shayla do not get along very well, except for shopping of course. ^_^ They tend to argue about each other's powers and intellect. Afura wants to name a technique she acquired, "Badger's Slash", Shayla Shayla calls it the "Big Sucker Gabslash." The humor in their arguments is hilarious! It also seems she gets satisfaction and humor when she insults Shayla Shayla. If Shayla Shayla is hot headed and impulsive, Afura is calm and collective. I also like to think of her as very elegant. I know. I have weird tastes.

Her powers is to manipulate the element of wind or air pressure. Wind seems harmless enough, but wait until you see her in action. She single-handedly brought the the Bugrom navy forces during her battle on the Forbidden Island with her Badger's Slash technique. Trust me, it's an awesome sight. Not only that, she looks really cool doing it! Need I say more?

Because she can control the element of wind, she can easily fly. She engages her power by linking her Lamp of the Winds with her belt. Then, waves of wind appear out of thin air, pun intended. ^_-

Character Description: TV series

TV - Rude, rude, rude -- that's all we can say, though maybe Makoto was right when he said, and she agreed, that "Maybe she's not really all that bad." After all, her powers are still of wind as they were in the OVA, and she can still kick some major punk butt.

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