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IfuritaIfuritaIfurita (El-Hazard)
Humanoid (partially mechanical)Humanoid (partially mechanical)
10,000+ years10,000+ years
"I must obey the holder of the staff."
Kate T. Vogt

Character Description: Ifurita

The demon-goddess from El-Hazard hibernating on the Forbidden Island until she was "turned on" with the Power Key Staff to wreck havoc on El-Hazard. It was Ifurita, the most feared demon-goddess in the universe, who sent Makoto, Nanami, Jinnai, and Fujisawa to El-Hazard. She came forth from the old ruins beneath the high school after she journeyed through time, space, and dimensions for 10 millennia in search for Makoto. No doubt, Ifurita is my favorite character in the El-Hazard series with Shayla Shayla coming in second. Most Ifurita fans adore her for her destructive powers (me included), but I also adore her for her character itself.

Ifurita came to Earth through a time capsule she created after learning the secret of the Eye of God (another destructive mechanism from old El-Hazardian technology). When she appeared in the old ruins beneath the high school, she was normal like any other human, i.e.. emotional, fragile, compassionate, caring, and loving (especially towards Makoto). However, Makoto had never met Ifurita, and indeed this is the case. She has traveled through time, space, and dimensions in search for Makoto so she can send him to El-Hazard to initiate their meeting. Thus, starting a cycle of time and space travel through countless dimensions. Yeah, I'm confused too. Just watch the OAVs. ^_^

Ifurita is an "android". I like to think of her as not an android, but as an emotionally capable female who was programmed for destruction because of an "obedience chip" implanted in her. Like other androids, she needs to be "powered on" inorder for her to be active. Her Power Key Staff is the key in which will activate her. Unfortunately, the person who uses the Power Key Staff to power her up will be her master. In this case, it was Jinnai.

Jinnai planned to use Ifurita's power of destruction to rule El-Hazard, so he traveled to the Forbidden Island where Ifurita was resting. Makoto & Co. also went to the Forbidden Island to stop Jinnai. Unfortunately, Makoto failed and allowed Jinnai to activate Ifurita with the Power Key Staff. Another unfortunate event is that Ifurita does not recognize Makoto and was willing to kill Makoto upon Jinnai's command. After a few explosions here and there, Makoto was finally able to touch the Power Key Staff and could see into Ifurita's memories. It is also this moment that Ifurita became conscience of herself and her own existence. Even though she could think for herself, she can not disobey the person who controls the Power Key Staff because of the obedience chip implanted inside her body.

Ifurita is one of those characters who has to do or ordered to do what she does not want to do, making her one of the most tragic characters in El-Hazard. Fortunately, Makoto did find the obedience chip and destroyed it, giving Ifurita her own free will without the need of taking obeying orders of those who controls the Power Key Staff. At this point, she and Makoto have developed an undying relationship that practically lasts forever.

As for her awesome powers, she has the ability to replicate any attack her adversaries use and use it on her adversary. Because she has unlimited powers, she can enhance the attack/technique far better than her adversaries can. She single-handed demolished the three priestesses of Mt. Muldoon by using their technique against them. This babe can really kick some ass! ^_^ This makes her the most feared and powerful demon-goddess in the universe.

On the personal side, she has all the attributes of a flesh and blood human girl. She cares deeply for Makoto and sacrificed herself to stop the Eye of God inorder to save Makoto and El-Hazard. Another reason she sacrificed herself is to have the opportunity to meet Makoto in another dimension and time, the old ruins beneath the high school where she sent Makoto to El-Hazard. She had nothing before she met Makoto, and so, she sacrificed herself to travel through space and time for 10 milennia just to meet Makoto. Now that's love for ya!

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