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Katsuhiko JinnaiKatsuhiko JinnaiKatsuhiko Jinnai (El-Hazard)
17 years17 years
Bob MarxRyoutarou Okiayu

Character Description: OVA series

The president of the student council and older brother Nanami. He's intelligent, cunning, witty, and power hungry. He demands respect from his peers, but fall short.

Jinnai, the power hungry, ruthless, multifaceted manipulator who hates Makoto to the bone. He claims Makoto is his life long enemy. Well, considering how Makoto always "one up" him in everything from academic to athletics, there is very little doubt Jinnai hates him. Then again, Jinnai is not your usual student. I like to think of him as a power hungry psycho with a severe inferiority complex, and I love him for it!

He is probably one of the best villains in all anime. He has intellect, tenacity, ruthlessness, warfare tactical minded, and an ego larger than the United States deficit. No doubt, this wimp is a force to be reckon with.

His presidential seat was in question when Makoto inadvertently revealed he illegally granted substantial amount of funds to school clubs to help him win his presidential election. Not wanting to be "one up" by Makoto again, he staged a come back. How? By trying to subdue and gag Makoto with rope before his official "impeachment." A great plan as it may be, Jinnai failed again because just before Jinnai had Makoto cornered, time froze and everything stopped, including Jinnai. When Jinnai finally came to, he was on El Hazard, transported by Ifurita herself.

Did the new environment effected Jinnai's ability to be evil? The answer was obviously no because soon after his arrival on El Hazard, Jinnai quickly became the Bugrom's new general/commander in chief. Hoping his alliance with Bugrom forces will help him rule El Hazard, he quickly demolished El Hazardian tribes with his tactical genius. All this would not be possible if he had not acquire the power to communicate with the Bugroms, a power that is a side effect of Earthlings traveling to El Hazard.

In his pursuit for greater power, he located Ifurita's resting sanctuary and became her master for a brief moment. Fortunately, Makoto was able to disable Ifurita's obedience chip, which allowed her to defy Jinnai. Again, Jinnai was "one up" by Makoto.

Character Description: TV series

He is the same as in the OAVs, except a lot worse. He'll take water and shrines away just to get what he wants, and he'll cheat at games. If he was bad in El Hazard, he's even meaner, and more annoying in Wanderers, but a good foe.

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