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Makoto MizuharaMakoto MizuharaMakoto Mizuhara (El-Hazard)
About 17 yearsAbout 17 years
"I'm gonna die!"
Christy MatthewsTetsuya Iwanaga

Character Description: OVA series

An ordinary high school boy with stellar academic marks, and a nice guy to boot, who received a "calling" from a mysterious female in the ruins beneath his high school and was transported to El-Hazard. Makoto Mizuhara, the person who accidentally started the adventure into The Magnificent World, or not so accidentally. It was Ifurita, the mysterious female "android", who called Makoto to the old ruins and transported him, Jinnai, Nanami, and Fujisawa to El-Hazard.

Makoto is probably the most boring character in the series, well, in the beginning of the series anyway. When Makoto came to the old ruins, Ifurita revealed herself from the time capsule and claimed she has waited and searched for Makoto for 10 millennia. There, Ifurita, with her last ounce of energy, transported Makoto & Co. to El-Hazard.

This is where the fun begins. In El-Hazard, Makoto entangles himself with royalty (this is *not* a good thing, especially when you have to dress in drag), the three beautiful Priestesses of Mt. Muldoon (most notably, Shayla Shayla), the not so beautiful and dangerous Phantom Tribe members (who wants to destroy El-Hazard), the evil Bugrom forces lead by their new leader Jinnai (who wants El-Hazard), fighting off the sex crazed lesbian Alielle (actually, any heterosexual female should be afraid of Alielle...be afraid, be very afraid! ^_^), trying to keep peace between Shayla Shayla and Nanami, understanding his new found power, and finally meeting the mysterious person who sent him to El-Hazard, Ifurita.

When Makoto arrived to El-Hazard, he and Fujisawa saved Princess Rune Venus from the Bugrom forces. Unfortunately, this is not a very good event because of some uncanny coincidence, Makoto bears a strong resemblance to Princess Rune Venus' younger sister, Princess Fatora. Since Fatora has been missing and the other tribes of Rashtoria have become restless because of Fatora's absence, Makoto had to dress and masquerade as Fatora to help the royal family of Rashtoria provide peace and confidence among the tribes. Basically, Makoto had to become a drag queen for awhile. As if this isn't bad enough, he had to fight off come-ons and sexual passes from Alielle, Fatora's lover.

Besides fighting off sexual passes from Alielle, he had to keep peace between Shayla Shayla (one of the priestesses of Mt. Muldoon) and Nanami because they would constantly squabble over his affections. In the beginning, Shayla Shayla despised Makoto because she always thought of him as a pervert, dressing in drag and that sort of thing. When Shayla Shayla discovered Makoto was really a male, she practically destroyed the Spring of Arliman while trying to annihilate Makoto. She developed a huge crush for Makoto after he saved her from incineration by shielding her from one of Ifurita's ray blasts. As for Nanami, she always had a crush on Makoto. Thus, Shayla Shayla and Nanami constantly bicker and quabble over Makoto.

However, when Makoto finally met Ifurita, his thoughts completely turned to her. Although Ifurita has forgotten him, he thinks of her often after their brief encounter on the Forbidden Island, where Ifurita was resting before she was "turned on" with the Power Key Staff. Because of this, Shayla Shayla and Nanami are quite jealous of Ifurita. Makoto wonders why Ifurita has forgotten him when it was she who sent him and the others to El-Hazard.

Slowly, he develops deep and undeniable feelings for Ifurita, involuntarily calling out her name for no reason whatsoever. When Ifurita was about to send him "Never-Never Land", he touched the Power Key Staff, which is an extension of Ifurita and journeyed into her mind where he saw her visions, memories, and the old El-Hazard in flames and chaos. It is this moment where he and Ifurita first developed their undying relationship with each other that lasted 10 millennia and then some.

It is also here that Makoto first realized his power. The power to sense, use, and control old El-Hazardian technology. Therefore, when he touched Ifurita's Power Key Staff, he could sense her thoughts and could see her memories. This power is a side effect from being in El-Hazard. Fujisawa, Nanami, and Jinnai also have special powers particular to them.

Character Description: TV series

He has the same powers as in the OAVs, but is even more desperately trying to get back to school. He's quite taken with Rune Venus, Princess (as old as him) of Roshtaria.

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