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Miz MishtalMiz MishtalMiz Mishtal (El-Hazard)
29 years29 years
"What a man!"
Dorothy Elias-Fahn (alias: Dorothy Melendrez)Saiko Shimazu

Character Description: OVA series

Miz (pronounced Miz) is one of the priestesses of Mt. Muldoon (the chief priestess, in fact) and sister to Shayla Shayla and Afura Mann. Her powers is the ability to manipulate the element of water. The eldest of the three sisters, she is *dying* to walk down the isle with the man of her dreams. Who is that man you ask? Fujisawa sensei, of course. These two are match made in heaven, even though they do not seem to be so in their first encounter. Miz is wildly funny. Not because she is funny per say, but because of her obsession to wed. She does nothing all day but dream of walking down the isle, procastinating about her age, why she has not meet the one true man of her life, and trying to keep her vanity in tip top shape.

Her first encounter with Fujisawa is hilarious to say the least. At the Springs of Arliman, she was bathing in a hot spring, but she screamed because her servant poured freezing cold water over her entire body. Fujisawa heard the scream, and being the hero that he is, flew (literally) to Miz's rescue by kicking Miz's servant, which is a hairy looking monster. Fujisawa proud of his accomplishment, did not realize that the incident and Miz's scream was non-threatening in nature. Miz, captivated by Fujisawa's herioism, quickly fell in love with Fujisawa, asking his occupation, if he was married, etc. She is so infatuated with Fujisawa that she proposed to Fujisawa. One little problem, however. Fujisawa does not want to wed Miz or anyone for that matter. He's carefree and a wanderer. The only thing he loves is mountain climbing.

She can manipulate the element of water. Between the three pristesses of Mt. Muldoon's "power up", she has the most elegant. She kisses her Ring of Water and water particles appear. She manipulates water particles by forming them into "water balls" and sends them hurling at her adversay. Or, she creates "rain". Her "rain" is not the usual rain people experience. It is more like high intensity water rays coming from above. She can also create bubbles under water large enough to carry numerous people in.

Character Description: TV series

TV - Not much is known. She is VERY lonely, and conned Fujisawa into a date by telling him she could tell him how to get home.

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