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Japanese Info
Nanami JinnaiNanami JinnaiNanami Jinnai (El-Hazard)
16 years16 years
5'5"165 cm
32-22-31"82-56-80 cm
Lia SargentRio Natsuki

Character Description: OVA series

An ordinary student attending the same high school as Makoto and Jinnai, her older brother, and like Makoto, a student of Fujisawa sensei. She was also sent to El-Hazard by the mysterious female. Nanami is Jinnai's younger sister, but unlike Jinnai, she is not psychotic. The only thing that separates her from other ordinary females (on earth) is her propensity to make $$$. She and $$$ go very well together, and it is difficult to think about Nanami without thinking about money also.

She was sent to El-Hazard by Ifurita for reasons we do not know. She was left stranded on El-Hazard when Ifurita transported her there, and she had to get a job busting tables so she could open her own business selling home made lunch.

She has huge crush on Makoto, like Shayla Shayla, but never admits about her affections towards Makoto. "We never had time to talk about it!!" is what she would say when asked if she and Makoto have something going on. She is a very funny character because she and Shayla Shayla would get into disgruntled arguments over Makoto. Out of Makoto & Co., she is the most innocent, except she has a very good way of swiping your money if you are not careful. ^_^ Time and time again, she and Shayla Shayla get into girlie fights over Makoto, if not for affections, it is for something else. Too bad for the both of them because Makoto has his mind set on Ifurita, and no doubt these two are quite jealous of her. In fact, they disliked Ifurita so much that they teamed up and tried to seduce Makoto into divulging information about Ifurita and what was their relationship. They were not too happy with the information they uncovered. Nanami disliked Ifurita so much she called Ifurita a bimbo! Love makes people react in mysterious ways. ^_-

She was also the one who destroyed Jinnai's reputation as class president by being a hired news reporter to investigate her older brother's dirty dealings. Sibling rivalry is the norm between these two. Also, she does not mind if Jinnai gets beaten to a pulp. As far as she is concerned, he deserved it.

Like Makoto, Jinnai, and Fujisawa, she has acquired a special power particular to her. She has the ability to see through the Phantom Tribe's illusions. Very useful when no one else can overcome them. Of course, she can't tell that she's seeing through an illusion, so her revelations seem so casual that they catch everyone off guard. She saved Makoto's life at the Spring of Arliman when a female Phantom Tribe member tried to assassinate Makoto. The female Phantom Tribe disguised herself as a beautiful blonde, and even the Priestesses of Mt. Muldoon have no clue she was a Phantom Tribe member. Except Nanami, who casually wondered how she had ended up with blue skin. The assassination was thwarted thanks to Nanami's acquired power. Another incident her power was of great use is when Galus, leader of the Phantom Tribe, disguised himself as a prince ready to wed Princess Rune Venus. The marriage did not go through thanks to Nanami's comment of a union between Roshtaria and the Phantom Tribe. If it had, it would not be good for Princess Rune Venus. There are other accounts where she and her powers helped save the day.

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