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Anime Profile: Él

USA Info
Japanese Info
Élél (エル)Él
· · ·
ELLE (alternate spelling)ELLE (alternate spelling)
· · ·
E'L (alternate spelling)[él]
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
2002Apr 25, 2001–Jul 25, 2001
NutechGreen Bunny
Matsuki Kawai
Katuma Kanazawa
Adventure, Hentai, Sci-FiAdventure, Hentai, Sci-Fi
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El MilesEl Miles
· · ·
Carlos Carlos
· · ·
Katsumi Katsumi
· · ·
Parsley Parsley
· · ·

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Description: Él

It has been 30 years since a nuclear war had nearly wiped out humanity. The Megaro Earth Project seeks to rebuild what had been destroyed in that war. But within the city that has been established for the survivors, the "Black Widows" seek to undo that dream.

El Miles, a member of the Sniper Control Board, is charged with protecting a pop singer named Parsley from harm from the "Black Widows". However, Parsley is falling in love with El. And with the male members engaging in sexually torturing females for information about the "Black Widows", El has to contend with people she knew suddenly turning into enemies... and a nagging suspicion that nothing is what it seems.

Image Gallery: Él Episode 1

Image Gallery: Él Episode 2

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