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LucyLucyLucy (Elfen Lied)
About 18-20 years oldAbout 18-20 years old
Mass MurdererMass Murderer
"Nyu? Nyu!""Nyu? Nyu!"
Kira Vincen DavisSanae Kobayashi
Episode 1Episode 1
Elfen LiedElfen Lied

Character Description: Lucy

Lucy is a Diclonius, a human with two cat-ear-like horns with a telekinetic ability called 'vectors'. Lucy is the original Diclonius. Born from humans, she can reproduce in a natural way with humans, just as she can reproduce by passing the virus with her vectors. She is different from every other Diclonius because she didn't hate humans from the beginning. She started hating them when everybody picked on her, specially Tomo, who killed a puppy that she was taking care of just to see her cry. In that moment, Lucy transformed into an assassin. She is a cruel, cold-blooded killer that wouldn't even hesitate to kill a human child. She does, however, like animals.

She was caught by a member of a secret research institute. Eight years later, she escapes but when she is about to succeed, a bullet strikes her head and she ends up losing conscience. She then washed up on shore and was found by Kouta and Yuuka. They took her to Kouta's house to heel her wound, but this is no longer Lucy. Besides losing her memory, she also now has a completely different personalty. Because all she can say is 'Nyu', that's what they name her. She does, however, revert back to Lucy when she is stuck in the head or in danger.

As Nyu, she is sweet and gentle, always trying to make others happy. But because of the blow to the head, all she can say is 'Nyu', hence the name 'Nyu'

Side Note: Lucy is the much smarter version of the two personalties.

Character Description: Lucy

Lucy is a Diclonius, a mutated human. She is the very first of her kind. For a few years prior to the show starting, she is locked away in a Government research facility. Then Lucy escapes. She, like other Diclonius, has Vectors, which are invisible psychic arms. Lucy has 6 (not all Diclonius have the same amount) that are 2 meters (about 6') long. She is capable of using them as weapons, as actual arms (she can lift boats), or to stop bullets. She uses these to kill during her escape.

Even though she gets shot in the head, Lucy manages to escape. She washes upon shore naked, and is found by Kouta. Without her bitter memories of her harsh life, a new personality was born. All she can say is "nyu", so Kouta and Yuka take care of her and call her Nyu.

After she breaks out of the research facility in the first episode she rarely makes an appearance as her true self. When she gets hit on the head she goes back to her old personality, the killer Lucy.

Nyu likes Kouta, and so does Lucy. She seems to have some connection to Kouta, but you don't find out what until the end.

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