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NanaNana (ナナ)Nana (Elfen Lied)
Number 7Nana (ナナ) (Number 7)
Diclonius (Sipelit)Diclonius (Sipelit)
6-7 years on (appears 14)6-7 years on (appears 14)
Test subjectTest subject
Sasha PaysingerYuki Matsuoka (松岡 由貴)
Episode 2, "Annihilation"Episode 2, "Annihilation"
Elfen LiedElfen Lied

Character Description: Nana

Nana (in Japanese meaning 'seven') was born in the Diclonius Research Institute, where she had been the subject of often brutal experiments on the purpose of a Diclonius' vectors. She may have gone the way of Lucy and became a remorseless killer if not for the kindness Kurama had shown her. In fact, Nana looked up to Kurama as a surrogate father (Kurama's real daughter, Mariko, was also locked away at the Institude), calling him 'Papa' as a result.

It was also because of Kurama that she was taught never to use her vectors for killing humans, so when Lucy escaped the institute he enlisted the help of Nana to find her, relying of a Diclonius' ability to sense each over. However, the first meeting between the two Dicloni ended badly, with Lucy dismembering Nana completely with her vectors. Nana might have been killed outright if Kurama and a large number of sharp-shooters hadn't interfered, which afforded Lucy time to flee. After Nana was brought back to the institute, Director Kakuzawa ordered Kurama to have Nana euthanized, seeing that she was now an expensive liability.

But Kurama disobeyed him, instead giving Nana artificial limbs she can control with her vectors, then spiriting her away with a large quantity of money. However, not knowing she had money, she burned a small quantity of it in a fire to keep her warm. It was only when she met Mayu she learned her mistake. She then once again confronted Lucy, only this time as Nyu.

Nana is a second-generation Diclonius, often known as a Sipelit. As such, she cannot reproduce sexually but can spread the Diclonius virus to human males by touching them with her vectors. As for those vectors, they operate in much the same way Lucy's vectors, but are far longer than Lucy's – by at least five meters to Lucy's two meters. She can also sense Lucy's presence, but cannot do it when Lucy becomes Nyu. As far as her artificial limbs go, they are not true cybernetic limbs and require her vectors to use. Also, when Nana is not concentrating on them, her limbs do have a bad habit of falling off their mountings, as what had happened when she met Mayu, who fainted as a result (she previously saw the first battle between Nana and Lucy, where Lucy had dismembered her legs).

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