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Character Profile: Pino

USA Info
Japanese Info
Pino(short for Pinocchio) Pino(ピノ) Pino (Ergo Proxy)
Robot Robot
Female Female
Unknown Unknown
Light-bluish gray(originally brown) Light-bluish gray(originally brown)
Light green Light green
Around 3 feet  
AutoReiv(originally Raul's); Re-l and Vincent's companion AutoReiv(originally Raul's); Re-l and Vincent's companion
"Mother, you still haven't done the housework today" "Ichi hyaku usagi"
Rachel Hirschfeld Akiko Yajima
Episode 1: Pulse of Awakening/Awakening Episode 1: Hajimari no Kodō(はじまりの鼓動/Awakening)
Ergo Proxy Ergo Proxy

Character Description: Pino

Pino is a high-end companion-type AutoReiv, who originally belonged to Raul Creed and his wife, as a replacement child, because Raul did not have enough social privileges to be awarded (children in Romdeau are created in a lab and only a few of the upper echelon citizens can get one); however, in the beginning of Ergo Proxy, Raul was promoted high enough, and he and his wife were able awarded a baby, which made Pino no longer needed.

While at a mall, along with Ms. Creed and the new baby, a "Monad" raced through, creating a rampage and killing Romdeau citizens a consequence. Ms. Creed and the new baby were sadly some of the victims, and Pino became infected by the Cogito Virus. Pino developed an awareness of being a child until she joins up with Vincent Law (and later Re-l Mayer).

Pino's journey through the storyline of Ergo Proxy is very similar to the story of Pinocchio - with Vincent Law taking the form of a very different Jiminy Cricket. Raul Creed can be assumed to be Gepetto, since his last scene in the series involves him picking up one of Pino's drawings of their family and he smiles paternally, as if accepting that she became his true daughter.

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