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Japanese Info
Dilandau AlbatouDiranduDilandau Albatou (Escaflowne)
Celena SchezarSerena Schezar
Humanoid (from Zaibach)Humanoid (from Zaibach)
Male/Female (see description)Male/Female (see description)
15 years (born August 8)15 years (born August 8)
Light greyLight grey
Light redLight red
5'9"175 cm
134.5 lbs61 kg
Leader of the Dragon SlayersLeader of the Dragon Slayers
"I hate heroic men like you." (to Van)
Andrew FrancisMinami Takayama
EscaflowneTenku no Escaflowne

Character Description: Dilandau Albatou

Like Folken, Dilandau was experimented on by Zaibach's Magicians. Although many of his memories are blacked out, he occasionally has an interesting flashback. Dilandau also has a very short fuse and can easily be provoked. He seems to enjoy abusing his subordinates (the Dragon Slayers). Strangely enough, Folken is just about the only person Dilandau gets along with. (Perhaps he thinks of Folken as a kindred spirit.) Early in the series Dilandau is driven to get revenge on Van Fanel and he later vows vengeance on Hitomi.

Character Description: Dilandau Albatou

The twisted sorcerers of the Zaibach Empire performed a "fate alteration" experiment on a small, delicate blond girl child named Celena Schezar [Serena Schezar]. While waiting to undergo the experiment, the small five year old child was placed into the care of Jajuka. (Jajuka tried to stop the experiments, but failed. He was only a beastman, and worthless in the eyes of the Empire.)

The experiment was a partial success,as the golden haired girl-child became a silvery haired boy-child they named Dilandau Albatou. The experiment was only a partial success because later, due to several emotional shocks, Dilandau started reverting to Celena for short periods of time, until Jajuka, near his death, tells him/her that staying Celena isn't a bad thing, and he reverts to female permanently. In the movie (Escaflowne: Girl in Gaea), they completely leave this out. Dilandau is always a male, and he wields magic.

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