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Eureka SevenKoukyou Shihen Eureka Seven (Symphonic Poem Eureka Seven) (Psalm of Planets Eureka Seven) (δΊ€ιŸΏθ©©η―‡γ‚¨γ‚¦γƒ¬γ‚«γ‚»γƒ–γƒ³)Eureka Seven
50 TV Episodes, 1 movie50 TV Episodes, 1 movie
April 15, 2006 (Cartoon Network broadcast), April 25, 2006 (DVD)April 17, 2005–April 2, 2006
Bandai Entertainment, Bang Zoom! Ent.BONES, MBS, Bandai Entertainment, Project Eureka
Project Eureka
Tomoki Kyoda
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mecha, RomanceAction, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Romance
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Holland NovakHolland Novak
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Renton ThurstonRenton Thurston
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Characters: Eureka Seven

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Anemone Anemone Gonzy βŠ• Gonzy βŠ•
Eureka Eureka Hap βŠ• Hap βŠ•
Holland Novak Holland Novak Hilda βŠ• Hilda βŠ•
Moondoggie Moondoggie Jobs βŠ• Jobs βŠ•
Renton Thurston Renton Thurston Ken-Goh βŠ• Ken-Goh βŠ•
Talho Yuuki Talho Yuuki Linck βŠ• Linck βŠ•
Adrock Thurston βŠ• Adrock Thurston βŠ• Maeter βŠ• Maeter βŠ•
Axel Thurston βŠ• Axel Thurston βŠ• Matthew βŠ• Matthieu βŠ•
Charles Beams βŠ• --?-- Maurice βŠ• Maurice βŠ•
Dewey Novak βŠ• Dewey Novak βŠ• Mischa βŠ• Mischa βŠ•
Diane βŠ• Diane βŠ• Ray βŠ• --?--
Dominic Sorel βŠ• Dominic Sorel βŠ• Stoner βŠ• Stoner βŠ•
Gidget βŠ• Gidget βŠ• Woz βŠ• Woz βŠ•

Description: Eureka Seven

Renton Thusrton is a 14-year old kid who lives with his mechanic grandfather in a small backwater town. Everyday, he dreams of becoming a mercenary for the LFO (Light Finding Operation) Pilot group known as "Gekko State". They participate in a sport called Riffing (which involves riding on air particles called "Trapar") and are lead by their leader Holland. Renton is motivated by his father's glory days, his admiration of Holland, and his Grandfather's desire to protect Renton.

However, Renton's life changes when a girl named Eureka arrives with her LFO "Nirvash typeZERO" in order to get it repaired. This grabs the attention of the Military, and destroys his grandfather's garage while trying to capture Nirvash. After being forced to learn a new interface, the Nirvash make quick work of the military's LFO's.

Renton is soon invited into the Gekko State, however, Renton is forced to face many new and harsh truths in his journeys.

Description: Eureka Seven

This anime takes place in a world that has things called waves. People ride these waves on hoverboards and robots designed specially for this use. The Gekko state is one famous group that rides these waves.

Renton Thurston is a fourteen year old boy who has a dream of joining Gekko State. Holland is his idol and he always practices reffing everyday until a mystery LFO, Light Finding Operation, crashed in front of his home, and a girl, Eureka, came out of the LFO. She's a member of Gekko State and Holland comes looking for her, and they asked him to join, to which he agreed. Renton's grandpa seemed to know Holland from the past.

Renton's sister, Diane, left him to prove that their father was right about his research. Holland was dating Diane, but once she got obsessed with the research, he left her.

The LFO, Nirvash, that crashed down didn't work, and so Renton's grandpa gave them an Amita Drive to go with the Compac Drive.

Description: Eureka Seven

A strange girl, Eureka, and her robot LFO (Light Finding Operation), Nirvash, crash-land one night on Renton's house. Eureka is being chased by the military, and using the special Amita Drive given to her by Renton, her Nirvash reaches incredible power.

After saving her, Eureka invites Renton to join Gekkostate, the rebel force. The leader of Gekkostate, Holland, is Renton's idol and Renton is falling for Eureka. Accepting the request, the 14-year-old boy is now part of the mecha rebels that are chased by the military to no end.

Audio Files: Eureka Seven

  • Shounen Heart - Second Opening theme by Home Made Kazoku (3.45 MB)

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