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Character Profile: Holland Novak

USA Info
Japanese Info
Holland Novak Holland Novak Holland Novak (Eureka Seven)
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  Horrand Novak(alternate spelling/pronunciation)
Human Human
Male Male
29 years old 29 years old
Gray Gray
Blue Blue
6'0" 183 cm
185 lbs. 83.9 kg
Type O Type O
Ex-Military Ex-Military
Cripsin Freeman Keiji Fujiwara
Episode 1: Blue Monday Episode 1: Blue Monday
Eureka Seven Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven

Character Description: Holland Novak

Holland enjoys riffing, tormenting the military, and skillful flying the LFO (Light Finding Operation). He is the captain of Gekkostate air ship and leader of group devoted to him. A deserter from the military, a former member of the SOF (Special Operations Forces), his style is laid-back in many aspects. However, when comes to Eureka, his crew, and the Gekkostate, he is all business.

Holland abducted Eureka and stole the Gekkostate. He is a brilliant strategist, to steal the Gekkostate he created a fabricated emergency and made off with Eureka and the Gekkostate under the military's nose. After stealing the Gekkostate, he developed a media campaign to get information out to the public the military was hiding about the Coralian.

Character Description: Holland Novak

Holland Novak is the gung-ho leader of the mercenary group known as Gekko State. Captain of the Gekko-Go and pilot of the LFO Terminus typeR909 (and later the Terminus typeR303 "Devilfish"), he is the former ace of the SOF, or Special Operations Force, an elite unit of the military. He and his companions later deserted the military and formed the Gekko State.

Contrary to what Gekko State's magazine "ray=out" might suggest, Holland is not always the most calm and composed of people. In fact, he is known among his crewmates for frequent displays of temper and beating Renton for insubordination. However, when not occupied with Gekko State business, he is quite laid back and can often be found walking around the Gekko-Go in just a pair of orange boxer shorts.

There are various hints throughout the series of him having a romantic relationship with Talho, but this is fairly obvious, as they share a room. Later in the series she reveals to him that she is pregnant with their child.

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