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Renton ThurstonRenton ThurstonRenton Thurston (Eureka Seven)
14 years old14 years old
Member of Gekko StateMember of Gekko State
Johnny Yong BoschYuko Sanpei
Episode 1: Blue MondayEpisode 1: Blue Monday
Eureka SevenKoukyou Shihen Eureka Seven

Character Description: Renton Thurston

At the point the story begins, young Renton Thurston had a few things on his mind.

  1. He was tired of living under the shadow of his late father. It didn't matter that Adrock had sacrificed his life to save the world.
  2. He was fascinated with the renegade outfit known as Gekko State. He longs to be like its charismatic leader, Holland, who he often sees on the cover of his favorite magazine: the counterculture magazine ray=out.
  3. He wished to learn how to lift, to ride the transparence light particle (trapar) waves, and especially to perform Holland's signature move: the cut-back drop turn.

But Renton had a few problems.

  1. His grandfather Axel, now his guardian, felt that Adrock had wasted his life in his sacrifice. Indeed, few seemed to remember the fact.
  2. His home town, Bell Forest, had poor trapar; it was terrible for lifting. Indeed, Renton's ref board was a farewell gift from the wandering vendor...to his only regular customer.

And on top of that, he had a couple mysteries.

  1. His older sister, Diane, disappeared shortly after Adrock's death.
  2. Ever since that death, for reasons unknown, but particularly when he's in emotional distress, his Compac Drive would occasionally display a name: EUREKA

To Renton's astonishment, everything would literally come crashing into his life the night an LFO flew erratically into his grandfather's garage. The LFO was the most significant of them all: the very first; the Nirvash Type ZERO. And sitting slumped in the cockpit was not an adult but what looked like a girl of about his age... and for whatever reason, Renton fell for her at first sight. She and the Nirvash were part of Gekko State, and they (along with Holland himself) had come seeking Axel for something specific left by the late Adrock: the Amita Drive, a device that fit atop the Compac Drive in the Nirvash and is supposed to unlock its full potential. Reluctant at first to comply, he finally does so, but it falls on Renton to deliver it to the girl... in the middle of a battle with the military, which meant only one thing: he'd have to lift it.

Charging blindly into danger in pursuit of the girl of his dreams, he wonders if he's about to do something stupid. But remembering words from his father, “Don't beg for things. Do it yourself. Or else you won't get anything,” he declared to himself, “I...CAN...FLY!” And he actually lifted into the skies. In the ensuing minutes, he performed a textbook cut-back drop turn, successfully rendezvoused with the Nirvash, declared his love for the girl, and set the Amita Drive into the Nirvash's Compac Drive. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, the Nirvash came to life as never before... and for only the second time in history, the phenomenon known as the Seventh Swell emerged, and the Nirvash singlehandedly defeated the military units. But after the battle was over, the girl (who he would learn was named Eureka) would reveal that Renton's inner strength had been behind the whole thing.

So it was that Renton made the acquaintance of and eventually joined Gekko State. What he will learn once aboard the Gekko is that nothing is what he had perceived it to be, that he is now co-pilot of the Nirvash alongside Eureka, that Gekko State is undertaking something far more important than just lifting across the skies, that Eureka is a nearly impossible girl to understand...and that he has to grow up pretty darn quickly.

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