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NabeshinNabeshinNabeshin (Excel Saga)
Mid 30'sMid 30's
Director of Excel SagaDirector of Excel Saga
"Ore wa Nabeshin"
Brett WeaverShinichi Watanabe
Excel SagaExcel Saga
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Puni Puni PoemyPuni Puni Poemi

Character Description: Nabeshin

Nabeshin is the coolest guy in the show, and possibly in all of anime. With a Lupin-esque wardrobe that borders on copyright infringement, Nabeshin is always poking his head in to perform some impossible task or otherwise repay some unknown debt to a friend, without ever really explaining why. He's just there. And he's just cool. And he's got a mighty afro that gives Batman's utility belt a run for its money!

And Nabeshin isn't just a character in the series, he's the actual director (Watanabe Shinichi)!

Character Description: Nabeshin

Nabeshin is a weird guy. He comes to show us about the cliche of the great suave hero that has strange enemies and will save us all! His afro hides a Bazooka gun, and if it's hit he might not live another day.

The name that was given to him is the super-ninja Nabeshin. His loveer died while protecting him. Her name was Tetchan (but everyone twisted her name to Tet-chan).

Character Description: Nabeshin

Nabeshin. Some call him the Hell ninja Commando. Some call him the coolest thing on two feet. Some call him a cocky jerk, but we ignore those people.

Nabeshin A.K.A GDW GREAT DIRECTOR WATANABE!!! as he's called in his other anime, the sequel to Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemy is known to everyone in the series. Old friends with the bald innkeeper, lover to Tetchan, Comrade in arms to Space Butler, he taught Excel how to bowl with his pants around his ankles, he has the Nabeshin Mobile, he led Nabeshin's Afro warriors to the destruction of That Man, and still had time to get to his wedding to KumiKumi the mountain girl.

He has a daughter named Poemi Watanabe in Puni Puni Poemy and even manages to survive Crucifixion. But that's the reason he's the coolest anime character and director ever!!

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