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Japanese Info
Ropponmatsu 2Ropponmatsu 2Ropponmatsu 2 (Excel Saga)
Appears femaleAppears female
Purple and pinkPurple and pink
Robot for the SAARobot for the SAA
Kira Vincent-DavisSatomi Koorogi
Excel SagaExcel Saga

Character Description: Ropponmatsu 2

Ropponmatsu 2, just like Ropponmatsu 1, is a mass-produced robot, built for the SAA. Unlike Ropponmatsu 1, Ropponmatsu 2 is a little girl in design, and personality. Ropponmatsu 2 is hyper, but not as hyper as Excel.

Don't let Ropponmatsu 2's cute little design fool you. While Ropponmatsu 1 was built to deal with bombs and such, Ropponmatsu 2 is the heavy firepower. She has a cannon in one of her knees. The cannon has enough firepower to blow up an intersection. Ropponmatsu 2 has been hit full blast by a flamethrower, and has been shot many times, but all that punishment only ticks her off. But, just like Ropponmatsu 1, she can, and is, destroyed by a bomb, while helping Ropponmatsu 1 disarm it in the process.

Ropponmatsu 2 is also slightly naive, and constantly gets on Iwata Noriku's nerves.

In the same episode that Ropponmatsu 1 falls in love with Hyatt, Ropponmatsu 2 falls in love with Excel, and takes the passion just a little to far for Excel's liking. Such explanations of how are too strong for young children, who may come across this site.

Character Description: Ropponmatsu 2

Ropponmatsu 2 is the 2nd of to Ropponmatsu's. She is the younger version to Ropponmatsu 1. She is a little robo-cat-girl, and when she's happy her robo-cat-ears flick up and down. She was created by the scientist Shiouji Gojo. She calls most girls sister, and isn't liked by many boys.

In episode 16, she takes a very strong interest in Excel! Also, since she's an android, she has enhanced abilities, like a cannon in her knee and the ability to overcharge herself. She has a cable dangling outside her head which she uses in episode 16 to power up a television, but whilst doing that she went mental!

She is blown up twice in episodes 15 and 16! But since there are many Ropponmatsu's, she can easily be replaced!

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