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Anime Profile: Eyeshield 21

USA Info
Japanese Info
Eyeshield 21 Eyeshield 21(アイシールド21) Eyeshield 21
  146+ TV episodes
  April 6, 2005
Viz Studio Gallop/NAS/Shueisha/TV Tokyo
  Yuusuke Murata(art), Riichirou Inagaki(story)
  Masayoshi Nishida
Comedy, Sports Comedy, Sports
Sena Kobayakawa Sena Kobayakawa
· · ·
Yoichi Hiruma Yoichi Hiruma
· · ·
Agon Kongou Agon Kongou
· · ·
Cerberos Cerberos
· · ·
Devil Bat Devil Bat
· · ·
Harao Kiminari Harao Kiminari
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but could be viewed online at Crunchyroll.

Anime Characters: Eyeshield 21

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Sena Kobayakawa Sena Kobayakawa Kouji Kuroki Kouji Kuroki
Yoichi Hiruma Yoichi Hiruma Kurita Ryukan Kurita Ryukan
Agon Kongou Agon Kongou Mamori Mamori
Cerberos Cerberos Rui Habashira Rui Habashira
Devil Bat Devil Bat Seijuurou Shin Seijuurou Shin
Harao Kiminari Harao Kiminari Shouji Gunpei Shouji Gunpei
Haruto Sakuraba Haruto Sakuraba Shouzou Shouzou
Ichiro Takami Ichiro Takami Tarou Raimon Tarou Raimon
Kasamatsu Niinobu Kasamatsu Niinobu Tetsuma Tetsuma
Kenta Yamaoka Kenta Yamaoka Unsui Kongou Unsui Kongou

Anime Description: Eyeshield 21

Sena Kobayakawa spent most of his school years as the unfortunate one who always got picked on by the bullies in school. Ever since his younger days, he's always played the errand boy, which gets to the point where Sena becomes extremely fast and swift when he moves. This catches the attention of Hiruma and Kurita, who are searhing for a fast running back for their Football team.

Sena joins the quirky and ragtag "Demon Devil Bats" team and takes on the name "Eyeshield 21," based on the Eyeshield Sena uses on his helmet in order to protect his identity from his fellow High School students. In this twisted take on American football, you never know what may happen when the Devil Bats are on the turf!

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