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F-Zero: GP LegendF-Zero: Falcon Densetsu (FーZERO ファルコン伝説) ("F-ZERO: Falcon Legend")F-Zero: GP Legend
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F-ZERO: Falcon Legend
51 TV Episodes51 TV Episodes
Sept. 18, 2004Oct. 7, 2003–Sept. 28, 2004
4Kids EntertainmentAshi Productions, Dentsu, TV Tokyo, Nintendo
Nintendo (based on the video game series)
Ayumi Tomobuki
Sci-Fi, Sports, AdventureSci-Fi, Sports, Adventure
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Characters: F-Zero: GP Legend

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon Lisa Brilliant ⊕ --?--
Bart Lemming ⊕ Bart Lemming ⊕ Lucy Liberty ⊕ Lucy Liberty ⊕
Bio Rex ⊕ --?-- Michael Chain ⊕ --?--
Black Shadow ⊕ --?-- Mighty Gazelle ⊕ --?--
Deathborn ⊕ --?-- Misaki Haruka (Miss Killer) ⊕ --?--
Dr. Clash ⊕ --?-- Mr. EAD ⊕ --?--
Dr. Stewart ⊕ Stewart ⊕ Octoman ⊕ --?--
Gomar & Shioh ⊕ --?-- Rick Wheeler ⊕ Ryu Suzaku ⊕
Jack Levin ⊕ Jack Levin ⊕ Samurai Goroh ⊕ --?--
James McCloud ⊕ --?-- Super Arrow ⊕ --?--
Jody Summer ⊕ Jodie Summer ⊕ Zoda ⊕ Zorda ⊕
Kate Alen ⊕ --?-- --?-- John Tanaka ⊕

Description: F-Zero: GP Legend

Based on the classic Nintendo video game series, GP Legend begins in the year 2051 with Rick Wheeler, a detective hot on the heels of the elusive criminal named Zoda. While chasing him down, he ends up in an accident that places Rick under cryogenic stasis, where he sleeps for 150 years. He wakes up in the year 2201, where an intergalactic racing tournament called F-Zero has become the latest craze around the galaxy.

Learning that Zoda is still alive and causing trouble in the future, he joins the Elite Mobile Task Force, a crime-fighting team composed of highly skilled racers, such as fan favorite Captain Falcon, Dr. Stuart, and Jody Summer. As they all compete in F-Zero, they also investigate crimes revolving around the tournaments. Ultimately, the Elite Task Force must keep the prize out of the hands of the powerful and menacing criminal known as Black Shadow.

Will Rick finally track down Zoda? And will the Elite Force be able to stop the enveloping evil of Black Shadow?

Audio Files: F-Zero: GP Legend

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