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Andy SummerAndy SummerAndy Summer (F-Zero: GP Legend)
Captain FalconCaptain Falcon (キャプテン・フゑルコン)
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Bart LemmingBart Lemming
36 years old36 years old
Brown (but always hidden within his helmet)Brown (but always hidden within his helmet)
Brown (but has white eyes "painted" on his visor)Brown (but has white eyes "painted" on his visor)
Champion of F-Zero RacesChampion of F-Zero Races
"See you at the race""Show me your moves!" (it's from Super Smash Bros. Melee)
David WillsRyo Horikawa
F-Zero: GP LegendF-Zero: Falcon Densetsu

Character Description: Andy Summer

Whenever he's not participating in races, Captain Falcon is a relentless bounty hunter. Though not even the Elite Mobile Task Force knows it, Falcon is a loyal friend to them. After all, it seems he is much loved by the Task Force's leader, Jody Summer. Also, Falcon sometimes teams up with Rick Wheeler; he even helped him win the race with Black Shadow. Not only does Falcon get around with his beloved machine, the Blue Falcon, he also travels via Falcon Flyer, a ship that gives him access to the technology he needs to hunt for any bounty he goes for.

Falcon is often the one who always wins 1st place in a race, unless there's a problem on the track caused by anyone working for Dark Million, which he always solves for his fellow racers. His Blue Falcon is similar to Sonic the Hedgehog in the fact that it exceeds the speed of sound, so Falcon will always go down as one of the all-time greats. He always wears his visor even when he's not behind the wheel of the Blue Falcon.

Captain Falcon also appears as a hidden character in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. To unlock him, players have to beat the 1-Player Game in under 18 minutes. His B Button moves, Falcon Punch, Falcon Dive, and Falcon Kick, take a while to unleash, but they pack a wallop. Falcon is also as quick on his feet as he is on the track.

Falcon returns to the Super Smash Bros. competition as a default character in Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube. He has a lot of the same moves from before, plus, he has an additional B Button move, the Raptor Boost. He is still as quick on his feet as he is on the track, which is why players looking for a lot of fist-flying action can't go wrong by picking the Captain. Prince Marth, the hero of two of the Fire Emblem games and the Fire Emblem anime, is one of the only few playable characters in SSBM who is almost perfectly matched with Falcon, as is Pikachu from Pokemon. Falcon is voiced only by Japanese Seiyu Ryo Horikawa in both Super Smash Bros. games.

In non-anime incarnations of F-Zero such as the videogames, Captain Falcon's name is Captain Douglas Jay Falcon. In the anime, he name is Andy Summer.

Andy Summer (F-Zero: GP Legend) Andy Summer (F-Zero: GP Legend)

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