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Anime Profile: Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor

USA Info
Japanese Info
Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor Sokyuu No Fafner: Dead Aggressor(蒼穹のファフナー) Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor
25 TV Episodes, 1 OVA Special("Right of Left") 25 TV Episodes, 1 OVA Special("Right of Left")
July 5, 2005 July 4, 2004–Dec 26, 2004
Geneon XEBEC/TV Tokyo
  Nobuyoshi Habara
Drama, Mecha Drama, Mecha
Ayano Kondou Ayano Kondou
· · ·
Chizuru Toomi Chizuru Toomi
· · ·
Fumihiko Makabe Fumihiko Makabe
· · ·
Haruko Kodate Haruko Kodate
· · ·
Ikumi Nishio Ikumi Nishio
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayano Kondou Ayano Kondou Kouzou Minashiro Kouzou Minashiro
Chizuru Toomi Chizuru Toomi Maya Toomi Maya Toomi
Fumihiko Makabe Fumihiko Makabe Michio Hino Michio Hino
Haruko Kodate Haruko Kodate Shouko Hazama Shouko Hazama
Ikumi Nishio Ikumi Nishio Soushi Minashiro Soushi Minashiro
Kazuki Makabe Kazuki Makabe Youji Hino Youji Hino
Kouyou Kasugai Kouyou Kasugai Yukie Kariya Yukie Kariya

Anime Description: Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor

In the seemingly peaceful remote island of Tatsumiyajima, the locals have prepared to face a strange and deadly enemy. The world has come under attack from strange and powerful alien beings called "Festum." Tatsumiyajima, a floating island, was the only safe haven left in the world, because all of the other countries have been destroyed by the Festum. The Festum attack cities with their giant purple bubbles of death, their assimilations, and their green crystals.

Now, the last line of defense lies with Tatsumiyajima and their trump card, Fafner, a powerful mecha that guards the final treasure of mankind. A teenager named Soushi Minashiro becomes the guide for Fafner's physical pilot, Kazuki Makabe, and risks everything to protect humanity from the Festum. But what are the Festum, and what are they really after?

Soushi's best friend, Kazuki Makabe, is the second pilot of Fafner. The first pilot's name was Kuramae, but she died during the first attack of the Festum on Tatsumiyajima. All of Kazuki's other friends except Soushi are pilots of some kind of mecha. Soushi is the operator of the Siegfried system, a computer that allows him into the minds of the pilots to help them when they fight.

At the end, Soushi is assimilated by the Festum and stays with them to try and teach them emotions. Tsubaki, Soushi's little sister, becomes the core of the island to help protect them (in other words she assimilates with the island).

Audio Files: Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor

  • Shangla - Opening theme by Angela (4.23 MB)

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