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USA Info
Japanese Info
AquariusAkueriasu (アクエリアス)Aquarius (Fairy Tail)
The Water BearerHōheikyū (宝瓶宮)
Celestial SpiritCelestial Spirit
18 years old (initially); 25 years old (after time skip)18 years old (initially); 25 years old (after time skip)
Light BlueLight Blue
Angela ChaseSatomi Arai; Mai Nakahara (Battle of Fairy Tail arc)
Episode 1Episode 1
Fairy TailFairy Tail

Character Description: Aquarius

Aquarius, "The Water Bearer", is a Celestial Spirit that is one of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. She is Scorpio's girlfriend. Her key was owned by Lucy Heartfilia until she sacrificed it in order to summon the Celestial Spirit King. Nevertheless, Lucy still owns a part of her original key. Her key is currently in Guiltina.


Aquarius resembles a royal blue mermaid. She has a long, blue fish-tail, light blue hair that reaches up to her waist, and a large bust. She has blue eyes that seem to have no pupils. Aquarius wears a revealing dark blue bikini top and on each arm, she has a golden armlet and bracelet. Aquarius also has a headband, three piercings on her tail, and a golden belt at her waist and light blue crystal earrings. A dark blue tattoo resembling the Aquarius zodiac symbol rests right under her collarbone. Aquarius also wields an urn that acts as the basis of the Water Magic she employs in battle. This design reflects her respective zodiac sign; "Aquarius" is often depicted as a merman or mermaid carrying a vessel from which a pouring stream of water emerges. As a swimming instructor, she takes a complete human form.


Aquarius is a moody and ill-tempered Celestial Spirit who often threatens to kill her owner, Lucy. While other Celestial Spirits serve Lucy obediently, Aquarius is irritated by her. When summoned, Aquarius will either attack the opponent, Lucy, or both of them, depending on her mood. Despite this, Aquarius does care for Lucy's well-being. She is very kind and loving towards her boyfriend, Scorpio, to whom she shows a completely different side of herself. Additionally, she threatens Lucy to keep quiet about her moodiness in front of Scorpio, lest Lucy become a "drowned corpse." When Lucy is in her presence, Aquarius tends to make remarks about having a boyfriend since Lucy doesn't have one. As time progresses, however, Aquarius' attitude toward Lucy becomes more lenient.


Aquarius' previous master had been Lucy's mother, Layla Heartfilia. When Layla retired from her work as a Mage because of her health problems, she entrusted Aquarius' Key to another Mage with instructions to present it to Lucy if she chose to be a Celestial Spirit Mage. Aquarius' key was the first key that Lucy ever received. Because there weren't any other children to play with, Lucy would summon Aquarius as a playmate. This greatly infuriated Aquarius, however, learning why Lucy summoned her, the Celestial Spirit couldn't help but feel bad for the girl.

Aquarius (Fairy Tail) Aquarius (Fairy Tail)

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