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Character Profile: Lisanna Strauss

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lisanna Strauss Risana Sutorausu Lisanna Strauss (Fairy Tail)
Human Human
Female Female
17 years old 17 years old
White White
Dark Blue Dark Blue
A Take Over Sibling A Take Over Sibling
"All living things eventually die; it's unavoidable. But as long as you remember, it will live on in your heart forever." "All living things eventually die; it's unavoidable. But as long as you remember, it will live on in your heart forever."
Carrie Savage Harumi Sakurai
Episode 20(flashback); Episode 79(actual) Episode 20(flashback); Episode 79(actual)
Fairy Tail Fairy Tail

Character Description: Lisanna Strauss

Lisanna Strauss is the youngest of her siblings Elfman and Mirajane Strauss, also part of their "Take Over Team" as she uses a Take Over magic that enables her to have the abilities of any animal she wishes. Lisanna has short white hair reaching her neck and dark blue eyes like her sister. Her outfits are varied, but she is currently seen with a pink shirt and long jeans.

Even as a child, Lisanna was kind and caring to everyone, and sometimes wise beyond her years. She was close with Natsu Dragneel, often scaring him by saying she was going to marry him when they become older. Natsu also has remarked that it was impossible to win an argument with Lisanna. Lisanna helped Natsu hatch his pet Exceed, or cat, Happy. She maintained a close relationship with her siblings, though looked down on Mirajane's bullying tendencies. She was supposedly killed in an accident by her brother, Elfman, when she was 15, but is later revealed not to have died.

Lisanna is cheerful, considerate of people's feelings, and patient, similar to her sister, and is rarely seen without a smile on her face. From her childhood days Lisanna has not denied death; on the contrary, she has accepted the fact that every living thing must die. She also likes to resolve matters peacefully, but will fight without hesitating if the time comes to protect her guild or comrades. Lisanna appears to love animals, especially cats, but seems to dislike studying. Her personality is easily flexible to be accepted by just about anyone.

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